the arts?

I have been thinking about it… thinking about what kind of home I want my future house to be.

will it be a simple home, a minimalistic one?

will it be filled up with musical instruments and the arts?

will it be a home full of my own works and inspirations?

or will it just be a humble and neat one?

I have started to think about it when I begin to realise that the extent and quality of an individual’s life is the skills that they possess. There is this one individual from Sweden that I’d discovered on Youtube. She can do so many things from paintings to photography to cooking. It is awe-inspiring and sometimes I wonder if I will be able to reach her level of skills and talents one day?

Maybe I should treat life as a game, a thinking whereby we reach out and grab as much practical skills that we can be it in the arts or the sciences. We should dive deep into the knowledge of this world and express ourselves through our works. My heart has been wanting to express itself through more than photography. It wants to express in paintings, written words, music and even theatrical pieces. I have 0 experience in any of the above but that’s what my heart yearns. Whenever I feel removed from this world, my heart sought the laptop so that I can begin writing and putting my thoughts into words. But sometimes, it wants to do more than that. My heart wants to write poems, songs and paint. Hm…

Maybe I should take some classes and begin diving deeper into the arts because it is one thing to appreciate it but another to truly be with it.

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