Goodbye Ana


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Beneficient.

This is a reflection of how two friends became lovers and wound up as ‘almost friends’ again.

I decided to pursue her for I felt that she was the right one for me. She has the religion, the social standing, a really good and supportive family and also everything else that I want in a wife. We started to date and it was such a smooth-sailing ride in the beginning. We loved each others’ company and spent so much time together and I loved her for what it was.

But then when busyness starts to kick in, we became distant. I mean we were there physically but we were distant in our ideas, decisions and what we want for the future. We started to clash in terms of our principles and our ideals. There are certain boundaries that she didn’t want to cross but I do so any way and there are also certain things that she didn’t want for us in the future but it is my dream any way. I would not say that we fought but there was a huge breakdown in communication. She could not tell me what she wanted and I could not convey to her what I wanted. Our ideas continued to clash and even after a year, we did not grow much as individuals. We could not benefit from the strength of one another and we proceeded to hide from each other. More often than not, I treated her as someone that I am confident of marrying without realising my flaws while for her, she is no longer sure whether I’m the one for her.

So the relationship started to go downhill. As we got busier with our own lives, there wasn’t much time to converse and reflect on our issues. It starts to really break down when one day I realised that she was truly avoiding me. I guess when I said that it is as if it was her fault that it finally ended but it was also mine for not realising that I shouldn’t have taken the relationship for granted. It was also my fault for not realising that we were not in fact compatible. She was good in every way but she wasn’t compatible with me. She is the perfect one for that someone out there but not for me. She is a great person and I didn’t realise that she deserves so much more.

And so the day arrived where we had the talk. I was sad of course. Well… confused and frustrated too though I realised that the way I acted was as immature as it can be. I had the impression that it’ll work out, that we’ll work it out but I was wrong. She told me straight that it is not going to work out and that the relationship has to end. We were not growing together nor were we getting the strengths of the other. She had consulted Allah SWT and she couldn’t see us together. She was very confident in that and I believe that she had full trust in Him.

Of course, I was distraught. Weeks go by and I felt destroyed and sad. I couldn’t come to terms with what has happened and it took me a while to process it all. That’s when I began to cry. I cried because the pain was unbearable. It was as if my heart wanted to pump out of my chest. I loved her so much and just like that, my heart is ripped apart. Even until now, I can feel that but I know that I had to let go.

I wasn’t one to annoy the crap out of a person and demonised them for breaking up with me or doing something bad to me but in the past 4 months, I held on to hope. Some small hope that she would realise that I was the one she was looking for all along. But the decision had been made and she is not the kind to go back on her words. She had moved on.

I guess it was easy for her because she was the one who pulled the trigger and she did it with intense clarity. And I slowly had to accept the fact that it ended.

Months after, I still feel the pain, that pain in the chest that I can’t describe other than it is an intense pain. I loved her and I still do but now, I’m shifting it into caring for her.

A few days ago, we met and she gave an ultimatum: our chapter is closed and that there is no hope in opening it again. I accepted it with open arms because that was the sign I was looking for. I prayed to Allah SWT for a very clear sign and that was it. To not accept it would be an egoistical act. As much as it hurts to hear it from her, it was something I needed to finally let go, to finally be free from the shackles of my love for her. To finally snuff out that final 1% of hope I had of getting back together with her. But to be honest, all of this is Allah’s plan and if He wants us back together, He would. But in human terms, our chapter has ended and it is time for the both of us to move on with our own lives. We shouldn’t have any emotional baggage left and we shouldn’t have any strings attached to one another any longer. I guess that talk gave me clarity on the path that I had to head towards and that talk had severed all strings that was left connecting our hearts together.

It would be a lie if I said that I have 0 feelings for her because I still do but I know that such a feeling will no longer matter and it will die down soon enough.

I just pray that she will be granted the best of husbands and someone that is truly made for her and not someone that is broken. I pray that she will continue to discover herself and make the best decisions for herself. I pray that she will always be smiling and happy and not be trapped in a cycle of emotions. I pray that one day when we meet each other again with our lovely families, we will be smiling and happy knowing how much we’ve grown from here and how much we had helped one another grow.

With the break up, I had learnt so much about myself. I had gotten closer to Allah SWT and trusting in Him and His decisions. I sought His comfort and am also more in control. I feel that I had also matured in the ways I deal with people and alhamdulillah, if not for the break up, I wouldn’t have realised any of these. May I continue to grow as a person.

So here it is…

Dear Ana,

Thank you, Ana, for everything. For the love that you have showered on me, for the care and concern you have given me and for the listening ear I needed. Thank you for being such a wonderful best friend while it lasted and for always trying to support me in my dreams. Thank you for being you and always holding on to that. Thank you for everything, truly. I wish you the best and may this chapter ends as beautifully as it had started.

I hope that you find that someone that you will love completely and wholeheartedly. I hope that you find that someone that will love you for who you are and not who you aren’t and I hope that that someone loves you back as much as you love him. I always say this but Ana, you truly deserve the best in this world and also the Hereafter.

With all the love in my heart,


Till the next chapter in my life…

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Goodbye, Ana. We are two wholes that were never meant to be together but I am blessed to have crossed paths with you. ❤

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