Sowing the Seeds of Faith

I’m reading ‘A Treasury of Ghazali’ and it has some deep thoughts within it.

One such topic that had been discussed is on the topic of sowing the seeds and reaping it during the Day of Judgement. He likened our faith as sowing good seeds and likened our innate hearts as that of fertile land for planting when we were born before society and culture corrupts us.

Therefore, to have hope is to sow our faith into our good hearts and to always tend and care for it trusting in Allah. This means that we have to put in the effort in taking care of our faith while hoping that Allah SWT will forgive our sins.

As for those who do not have a good heart nor tending to their seeds of faith, he likened it to stupidity and delusion. It is delusion to have hope that Allah SWT will forgive you.

And as for those who have a good heart but does not tend to their seeds of faith nor nurture them so that they develop, he likened it to wishful thinking to expect anything out of that.

Therefore, we have to put in the constant effort to tend to it so that we can have hope and expect that Allah SWT will show us the fruits of our labour. InsyaAllah.

“… And what is the world except the enjoyment of delusion.”
–Quran [57:20]

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