I have always wanted to work in my own studio and surrounded by the things that I love.

I have always wanted to take risks and be an independent employer. I want to work for myself and not for a big company. I don’t know why. Well… maybe I do know why. I want to be able to always be there when my family needs me and I want to have complete control of my life. I feel that the only way to do so is to be self-employed.

However, I do know the importance of having an iron rice bowl especially in this economy. It is not cheap to raise a family and it requires so much money to do everything else in between. But I am confident. I am determined to make this a business and to be self-employed. I want to.

That will be my goal. I won’t deny that in the beginning I will have to work for someone else. I mean it is important to have some money first before I can make an investment but once my side hustle is making more money than my main job, I think I will then make that jump.

I don’t know when that will be but insyaAllah that day will come.

I can’t wait.

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