it will soon come

good morning.

this is just an update.

actually, I have nothing much to update except that I feel the need to type out something. Anyway, yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend and at that point of time, I realised I can’t wait to graduate. I guess it is the bugging feeling that I still have to focus on school work while trying to build a dream.

I realised that I have gained all of what I needed from university. I have joined several committees, I have become an advisor, I started out my business in university, I joined and competed in sports, I networked and gained many useful skills. To be honest, I don’t know what else I can get from university. However, I will definitely miss the friends that I have made the chill life I had in university. The friends are definitely one of the key takeaways from university and I will sorely miss them. Oh well… In this last few weeks, I shall bring them out on ‘dates’. The inevitable end will soon come.

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