a friend of mine told me that after the first one, it is hard to find/get that feeling again.

it has lost its novelty and it no longer feel special

which might be true

but maybe…

just maybe…

the next one is not clouded…

and maybe the next one is how love should truly feel like…

in this trying times, it is important for us to support one another however we can. it is definitely a time where we have to practise social distancing either voluntarily or by law, regardless, it does not discount the fact that we need to check up on one another as much as possible.

may He ease.

Aku rasakan
Terlalu dalam
PedihKau mengapa berubah
Pada waktu aku
Benar-benar cinta
Pada dirimuTak perlu kau ucap
Kau bukan terbaik buat diriku
Sedang kau cuba menjadi
Yang terbaik untuk dirinyaKu terima takdir ini
Andainya kau bukan milikku lagi
Bahagialah engkau bersama dirinya
Moga tak kecewaTak perlu kau ucap
Kau bukan terbaik buat diriku
Sedang kau cuba menjadi
Yang terbaik untuk dirinya…”

–Sakit by Achey

Wah freak.


but yeah. inilah ceritanya selama ini.

insyaAllah bukanlah cerita yang akan datang…

there are many things that are changing around the world.

due to COVID-19, the life that we know has changed.

with many countries closing their borders and implementing strict regulations on movement within and without of the country, it might be time for us to realise the seriousness of this. I believe that for many of us, we are blessed to be able to work from home and the need for social distancing will only produce minor disruptions in our life with most spending time watching Netflix and catching up on family time. But for the majority of those that were living pay check to pay check, they are unable to do so. The closure of shops and the layoff of workers removed them from their access to essentials and work that they otherwise depended on greatly. The greedy attitudes of the hoarders cleared the shelves from these people who actually needed them.

These people who are less fortunate may no longer know where their next meal will come from and it saddens me that at this time of crisis, many people are thinking about themselves.

Even though we may have to abide by social distancing and stay at home, it does not discount us from the fact that we are a community and as a community, we need to be empathetic to those that are less fortunate. We need to put in the resources that we have and provide help to those that actually needed it.

I’m guilty of the fact that I complain of boredom instead of using this time that I have to help those in need. I believe that I can use the time to bring smiles to people’s faces. I believe that I should do my part to bring the morale up.

Let us do the small things that can make people happy in this time of need. InsyaAllah.

when the heart is empty, it will try to fill itself with anything and everything. It tries to fill up that hole with anything that can fill it. The heart will fall into crushes and flings and things that are ridiculous.

the heart is empty and I can’t do much about it. I want to fill it up but I think I am experiencing loss. the grave has been unearthed and now I struggle to put it back.

but at the end of the day, I never want to be someone’s second choice and I shouldn’t settle for that. I can do better. the heart can do better.

he placed his heart before Allah SWT

hoping that it will be given His mercy

he placed his heart before Allah SWT

knowing that only He can provide the cure

“heal my heart,” he said

and praying that this wait will be worth it.

she said, “glad our friendship is low maintenance”

he replied, “yeah, I’m glad too.”

but underlying those words is that he didn’t want to risk falling for her ever again.