the word

the word that I was trying to find is ‘co-working space’.

So basically the idea is that people from any organization from start-ups to big companies can come together to work at a single space which provides them with the essentials that they need. However, unlike other co-working spaces that are already available in the market, this space is intended for creators of any type. This means that there will be an audio recording space, video and digital editing space and even a space for painters filled with canvases and paints of various types.

It is to promote collaboration between creators and to encourage creativity.

More than just resources can be provided such as a cafe, a restaurant and such. Facilities and amenities that promotes creativity.



Putting things into action

Today is technically a school day.

However, it is an off day for me.

Regardless, it is time to put things into action and to practise good routines.

I better not mess it up this semester.

I have too much on the line.


Also, just like what Seth Godin suggested, I should continue blogging every day as it puts the mind in focus.

Oh, one last thing before I forget. I learnt a new phrase: Hadha min fadli rabbi which means ‘This is by the Grace of my Lord’.

Don’t be afraid to dream

What am I actually chasing after?

Write it to be as detailed as possible:

I want a photography business.

What kind of photography business?

A portrait photographer with an own studio that allows Singaporean creators to launch their artworks and act as a stepping stone into the art scene. This studio can have many different segments to accommodate different types of creators from painters to singers to video editors.

A website that features these artists and their current work that allows audiences to follow them through their progress. As people are now more curious than ever to know about the thought processes and the efforts that go in into the making of an artwork or a final product, this website/magazine-styled site can be a platform to showcase it. Curated and focused, it is unlike Youtube.

Probably, it can collaborate with other artists from all over to work on works that is exclusive to a specific audience.

Instead of people discovering and shouting all across the web, we provide a curated group of creatives every month + works that enlighten creators. Allows easy access to audiences and for audiences, easy access to high-quality creators.

May it is just a dream but I think for now, this idea is fine.

But how shall I move on from here?

What should I do?

A year of experimentation

It’s already night but the night just gets crowder.

With bustling streets and packed clubs, people are awaiting the coming of the New Year. With bottles of champagne and a company of loved ones, they sat under the stars awaiting the fireworks. However, some of us prefer to sit in solace, accompanied by a good book or just in thought of the opportunities to come.

Yet another year.

Yet another year filled with new disasters, new sadness, new experiences. However, it is also filled with new opportunities. New opportunities to be seized, new paths to tread, new doors to open. We won’t know what 2019 holds until we carefully tread along its path.

Whatever it is, I’m sure we will experience bouts of sadness, happiness, confusion and even depression but we should not allow them to control our lives, not even happiness. We should experience each emotion fully, consciously. With mental health becoming in a huge concern in our society, we should remember to be in check.

Anyway, looking back at my 2018, I feel that I’ve achieved quite a few things.

Firstly, I’ve found the LOML, insyaAllah. She’s been there all these while but I never realised it until May this year. I’m glad to have made the move because I see a future with her. May our love for each other continue to develop for one another over the years to come. May 2019 holds much more growth for both of us.

Secondly, I competed in TSC2018. I’m glad I did because it was one hell of an experience. The vigorous training that we put ourselves in, the hours upon hours of training and the sacrifice that we’ve made. I think it was worth it. However, looking at my future, I don’t think I would be competing as there are other things that I want to focus on this year. It was an experience that I will never forget.

Thirdly, I began to call myself a photographer. After getting a few wedding gigs and being a photographer for a Streetwear event, I realised that this is something that I love to do. This is something that I would pursue. However, to build a business out of it is something hard but it does not mean that it cannot be done. Whatever it is, I would love to keep making art till the day I die. I hope to be an artist until my final breath. This year, I will put more work into this business and hustle further to make my dream a reality.

Also, I went for umrah and sought Allah. It was a memorable moment and I hope for the effects to be life changing. May I continue to seek His pleasure until I die.

2018 has also been a year of broken friendships and broken hearts for many of my friends. I pray that He mends their hearts and heal them from the dark emotions they are facing. May they continue to be true to themselves and seek to do whatever that is good. Amin.

2019 is a year of experimentation. I think I should also implement monthly challenges to motivate me throughout the year. 2019 is all about going ‘All Out’ and to strive for new horizons and break barriers. I cannot wait for what’s in store. Bismillah.

The End of 2018

Every end of the year marks the beginning of a new one.
With each new beginning, one might set goals and aspirations to achieve in the upcoming year.

As usual, I’m one of them.

With new goals in mind and dreams to chase, I think I’ll be ready for the year to come, insyaAllah.

May we continue to seek His pleasure and may we be blessed with His mercy in the year to come. Amin.

A clean slate

We are born as a clean slate.

Whatever happens from there onwards is affected by how we are nurtured and the environment that we find ourselves in.

Those factors shape our minds and the way we think and through that we get the sense of the world that we are living in.

Our fates have already be set on paper by Allah SWT and all we have to do is to live it. However, that does not mean that we do not have free will, instead, it is through free will that we live the lives that Allah SWT has already written for us.

With that free will, we can choose. We can choose between A and B. We can choose between this or that. We are free to choose. With that, we should realise that life is all about options and through those options that we have chosen, we live it just like a mega RPG game.

Through those options that we have chosen, we build an identity for ourselves. We learn what is wrong and what is right, which options will give us maximum benefit and which options should we stay away from. We start to put markings on our clean slate, each mark a memory, a character, the formation of an identity.

Ultimately, we carve a statue of who we’ve become and who we will die as.

Choose our options wisely.

A brand with a story

Personal branding is on the rise.

Alongside social media and the advent of newer ways of communicating, it has become as the most important thing for anyone who is interested in putting themselves out there: Personal branding.

Personal branding is about telling a story. It is not just about the names and the logos but the things that people associate it with.

An example would be Gary Vaynerchuk. People associated with him as the hustler that grinds 24/7/365 but also one that loves the NY Jets and would spill truth to whoever and whenever.

Another would be Casey Neistat. He has built a personal branding of being a filmmaker and also an advocate for Youtube and Samsung. He is known as the ultimate vlogger and people associate such work with him.

Therefore, as we are building our own personal branding, we have to keep in mind the kind of things that we want to be associated with and do those consistently.

What do you want to be associated with?