Adulting is real

It is almost the end of the summer holidays. Therefore, we need to reflect and take a look at our goals that we had set at the beginning of summer. Have we achieved them?

I doubt so. Looking at most of us, we tend to slack and be stationary for a very long time. I guess you can say that we were procrastinating on the things that could have brought us further in life. I know it’s daunting to think that school is just around the corner but I guess that’s life. Now, I realised that I need to get my game on. This is especially so when my friend told me that the dreams that I have cannot be achieved easily but instead, it requires some level of hard work that begins now.

Especially since I have plans on getting married once I graduate, I need the money to buy a house and sustain my family. This means that I need to really start saving money for real. Aside from that, it puts some urgency on myself to start my side hustle. I need calculate everything. I guess you can say that adulting is real.

Maybe I should really check on the prices of these adult stuff and the money that I really need to get married and also to start a business. I know that it is not going to be easy but looking at the time I have left, it’s called for, yeah.

The first step that I can think of is to open up another savings account. This savings account cannot be used for anything. Meaning, there shouldn’t be any withdrawal from it, only deposits. I need to also calculate the sum of money that I want to deposit into that account every month. That account will then be used for adult purposes like buying a house and such. I Guess that planning begins now.

Tomorrow, I’ll research on such things, InsyaAllah.


Tuning In

Most of us live in cities. Most cities are noisy. Therefore, we can learn to appreciate silence. Most of us are always distracted by sound either from our music or from the streets. Therefore, we never have the chance to be in a quiet environment and not do anything. These sounds, I feel, are very distracting. Even music can be distracting. They numb our brains from being able to think and process information and instead fill it up with nonsense that does not benefit the brain at all.

I’m sure there are some scientific evidences that support the use of music for studying and productivity and whatnot, however, those are not the kinds of music that we are listening on a daily basis today. It is precisely why we cannot just quote such music to justify distracting ourselves. I feel that we can really learn a lot from silence. We just need time to allow our brains to think and process information. We need to learn how to converse with ourselves and to learn how to converse less with one another.

When we unplug our ears from sounds, we can truly learn to plug in and tune in with ourselves.

Sometimes you just want to tune yourself out of the world but sometimes you need to tune yourselves in. It depends really but what I suggest is that to get a proper frame of mind, get in touch with the environment around you first.

I don’t know whether what I say is true because in the end, I am just a blogger going about my daily life and I’m experiencing life as much as you do too. But I guess from my experience, tuning in allows us to be more creative faster and better.


Getting good habits is hard.

It is not deciding on what good habits to do but rather how to maintain those habits because even an anomaly that prevents you from carrying out a habits can break the cycle.

In the past, I have a solid list of habits, one that I maintained and practised for a very Long time. If I’m not mistaken that was back in Year One when exhaustion was absent and motivation was high. Now, I have seemed to have lost all forms of discipline and it has become very hard to set my mind on things and carry them out.

But I know, I know that things will not change if I don’t put in the effort.

I will try again.

There are a few things that I look forward to, starting a business, getting married, and for the short term, TSC (which is happening in a few months’ time). The first two require some substantial amount of money while the last one requires me to be physically fit and active. All can only be gained through hard work and determination.

Again, I’ll try again to get back on my feet.

So, what are the habits that I plan to do on the daily?

  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Exercise
  4. Earn money

I guess reading still holds a special place in my heart. In the past, the ideas that flow out of me are constant and ever creative and since I had ‘stopped’, they’re waning. Now, I will strive to read consistently. I don’t think it matters what I read as Long as I do. Hmm… maybe I have to also consider reading the news.

Writing is how I let my emotions and ideas out. I Guess a blog post every day will not hurt. It does not have to be prim and proper but just about what happened during the day and the ideas that I have.

Exercise is a must. Looking at my fitness level as of late, I’m actually in pretty bad shape. I doubt I’m even ready for the training that is to come for TSC. Furthermore, since our coach took a break, it wasn’t as disciplined and physically challenging as before. Thus, I feel that I need to put in my own efforts to push myself. I just hope they’re no 8AM classes in August to ruin this. Exercise includes cardio and weights. However, I feel that I’ll have to focus more on calisthenics to build functional muscles and not mass.

Earning money is a weird thing. I need to hustle not just in school but outside school too. This is going to be hard and I need to find a way to earn money without affecting many parts of my life. Thus, it means I need to start planning my own business. The only issue is what and how. I guess there is a fear that people always meant bad things but in actual fact, they’re just worried about you. Thus, they’ll discourage risky behaviours but in my opinion, I need to learn how to fail and the feelings of failure through doing business. InsyaAllah.

Whatever it is, may Allah SWT guide me to always do the right thing.


It has been a while since I been in the flow state: a state where ideas just come rolling in without much prompt.

I blame it on distractions. There’re too many distractions in my life and too much time that I’m procrastinating as long as I can. I need to get back that flow state.

But how I wonder.

It might be the food that I eat to the time I wake up but I feel that every single aspect of the day affects it one way or another.


Maybe I need to do a wardrobe clear and to also clear my bookshelves. I guess decluttering might help.

Anyway, I’m planning to hustle but I don’t know what kind of hustle. I need money and I need a business idea/business model. Photography is the way to go for me and I’m planning to do that secular/Muslim project. Maybe I should just focus on that first.


Today I wonder, why I deserve her. It has always been on my mind as to how could our paths even collide. It seems messy and almost impossible that we would have fallen for each other but we did. I am happy that we did. Looking back I guess it might be God’s plan to bring all of this into fruition.

I feel that it was ridiculous that all of this happened. To find someone that you can relate to and converse with so comfortably is amazing. I’m just very happy and I think that that is a good sign. I think it is important that one has to be complete before finding another. To be complete does not mean one has to be rich or having a career but instead, it means that one has to be comfortable and be sure of their goals and aspirations. The physical things does not matter but the emotional does.

Too quickly

I feel like time passes by too quickly. It felt like the past five days didn’t actually happen.

Ramadan came and go just like that and the major celebrations of Syawal too. Now, we’re back to status quo which to continue to fight our nafs and the whispers of Syaitan.

It might be a hard task for some and some might have fallen back to their old habits but may we not be amongst them. It is sad if one continues to carry out habits that they have abstained in Ramadan. It is as if Ramadan had no effect on us.

I too might be guilty of that.

Hmm… Anyway, there are no excuses for me to not do what I have set out myself to do. I will do them.

Keep our egos in check.

Do you always fear that your prayers are not accepted?

Sometimes we are afraid that we do not carry out a prayers correctly And sometimes due to our lack of knowledge we missed out on certain things. Therefore, even during prayers I think about these things.

But all I can do is to hope for the best that my prayers are accepted.

Can we ever be certain that what we do for God is for the good? Sometimes I wonder if anything is worth at all. Sometimes when we carry out our tasks In the path of God, our egos might come in the way. Our egos will change the direction of such tasks and it will affect our choices and our decisions along the way. Sometimes when we do a lot of good deeds, we begin to think that we are better than everyone else which in fact is not true. In actual fact, we are worse off.

I guess it is hard sometimes to separate ego from the work that we do especially when we have been doing it for a very long time. I guess it becomes numb us. However, we need to be conscious of our intentions. I guess I put a very strong focus on intentions especially when we are doing things that affect the community. Because intentions drive our purpose in the things that we do.

I guess if I continue talking further I will start rambling but the main point of this post is to help us realise that we need to keep our egos in check.