All Of Us Have Secrets

All of us have secrets. Secrets that are so dark that it could threaten our current reputation. Secrets that can be so dangerous that if anybody were to know about them, our life as we know it would end.

Also, some of us have secrets that we regret. Secrets due to crimes that we have committed in the past when we were young and reckless. It does not matter what religion or school of thought that we adhere to, but all of us, one way or another, committed an act that is seen as disgraceful and embarrassing in the eyes of the public and thus, required to keep it a secret. However, the good thing about secrets is that secrets are not known to the public unless you said it out yourself. No one can force the truth out of you and you have the right to keep it to yourself.

It is in fact very dangerous for someone else to know our secrets as it might be used against us if we so happen to be hated.

However, some of us want to move on from the secrets we keep. We can no longer tolerate the emotional burden that comes along with it. We want to forget about it and restart afresh. However, that is like asking a fish to climb a tree. It is impossible. Secrets are a part of who we are. The emotional stress and burden that comes along with it, especially painful secrets, shapes us into who we are today, both the good and the bad. Remove secrets and we are no longer ourselves. Therefore, I personally think that instead of attempting to forget our secrets, we should instead view them from a different angle, we should learn from them.

All of us have secrets, they can bring us down and destroy us or you can ally with them and grow into a better human.