I’m currently having this wild idea of becoming a journalist.

“Wild? Why do you say that?” said some random voice in my mind.

Well, I know I love to write, or blogging to be more precise. I also love to take photographs and tell stories about things I see, hear and observe but to be a journalist, you have to be good. You have to be something more than just an amateur blogger on the internet.

I mean, so far, that seems to be the path that I’m on, the path to becoming an amateur creator. Not a scientist, not an engineer, but a creator. A person who is passionate about contextualising ideas and developing it into something concrete, a product of some sort.

Anyway, I just can’t help but wonder about the skills I have or lack thereof. I mean, there are many others that are just super talented and by comparing myself to them, I’m sorely lagging behind.

I am learning and definitely during the summer holidays, I will hone my skills.

Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.


Write what you want

I know… I know..

The instant dopamine rush the moment you see the likes pile up in your notifications can be very satisfying but that shouldn’t be the reason you write.

I have always strived to write whatever I want in my blog posts and the moment I steer off course, my writing would become cold and horrible. I believe in the past, there are a few examples of that (some digging is needed).

Write what you want, not what you think your readers want and when you start to write something that you are not interested in just for the likes, people can smell that crap from miles away.

Be yourself, I guess, is an awesome advice. Well, people do give that advice especially if you want to ask someone out. Maybe, there is some substance in that and thus, I guess, it applies to writing too.

Make sure that topic that you write about fascinates you and therefore, channel that fascination into your writing. Convince the readers why the topic that you are writing about it so fascinating and naturally, the likes will come!

So, write! Write about the things that you love, the things that interest you and the things that make you, you!

My Blogging Journey

To be honest, I began blogging officially in early 2011 on my Blogspot account as I realised that I needed a place to record down my thoughts, emotions and dreams. I wanted my blog to be a place where I am able to write anything and everything, a place where I could free my mind from the things that had been bugging me throughout the day. That was when my journey of blogging started.

About Mid 2012 – Mid 2013, I decided to challenge myself by blogging every single day and soon, it became a habit that I truly enjoyed. No matter what I was feeling on that day, I decided to post something even as short as a sentence. Over time, I realised that blogging freed my mind, I was able to let out my feelings without talking to anyone — I was that introverted — and thus, it became a diary of sorts, a place where I was able to share my true emotions about something without being criticised. Day by day, the blog developed into something more than a diary, it became a place where I did most of my goal settings and a place where I am accountable to my past self. In my time in junior college, it is that accountability that allowed me to achieve most of my goals.

Soon, as we marched into 2014 – 2015, my posts became more life-related. I became obsessed with trying to understand the purpose of life and in finding the inborn passion of mine. I shared my thoughts on my likes and dislikes, why we act the way we do, what should we aspire to be and what are our true innate desires. I didn’t realise that what I was on the verge of a quarter-life crisis.

In late 2015 – 2016, during my stint in National Service, the crisis hit me unexpectedly. I was left pretty much confused and unsure about everything. Most of my waking hours were spent pondering and thinking about decisions, decisions that at that point of time I thought could make or break my future. My blog posts during that period of my life reflected that confusion that I experienced. I went deeper into trying to understand the meaning of life and the possibility that everything is futile, I wrote about my passion — whatever that might mean — and I talked about the person I wanted to be. It is also at that period of my life when I decided to start a new blog, a blog that would be more creatively driven and suited to the new content/writing style that I have.

Fast forward to today, this is my current blog, a lot have changed since the beginning and probably a lot have not but whatever it may be, I still enjoy blogging like I did in the past. To me, blogging is not just about writing things down or to share ideas with the world, but instead, blogging has been a way of life that is an escape from the pains of reality and a sanctuary for my thoughts and emotions.


Idea: Writing a Book

I don’t know.

I have been thinking about it. It is a fun thought to have, imagining myself writing and publishing a book. The process to publish a book now seems simple enough due to the access to self-publishing and the fall of gatekeepers.

It is an idea that I have been playing with in my mind. It is one of the reasons why I am forcing myself to write a story a day on my Instagram this month.

If I am to write a book, so far, I am leaning towards fiction, sad and sappy fiction. Even though high fantasy epics are interesting but require too much world building and complex storylines which are definitely beyond my capabilities now. Well, maybe one day, I hope.

Just a thought. Maybe I might even start tomorrow. Who knows.




Living in a Story

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Well, not because he was nervous but because his back had begun to ache. He was 80 years old after all. He pushed away his plate of food filled with chicken, eggs and some vegetables, simple food that he could afford in such troubled times. He pushed his wooden chair back and stood up slowly, trying to stretch without tearing any muscle. He looked at his hands, all old and wrinkly and he began to laugh, a loud and good laugh. He could not believe that this is the state he is in now, old, weak and in hiding. It has been years since he had managed to change his appearance into an old man living in the city.

It has been decades since he had managed to change his appearance into an old man living in the city. He had been running away from Hunters, trained combatants hired by the government to eliminate people like him, people that could shape-shift. He is able to become anyone he likes as long as he has had physical contact with them.

It had been a rainy night, with his hood up, he sat quietly in a fast food restaurant where the old man always visits. He had been eyeing and following the old man, checking his family background, his habits and the places he frequented. So far, this old man seemed like a person he could change to and live the rest of his life in hiding. Simple enough, with a blade to the neck and garbage bag prepared, he took the old man down and disposed of the body. He changed his form and smiled, he is going to be safe. The old man had no family, no job and frequent a few places, that makes it easier to hide from the Hunters.

Boom, boom, boom. Three strong knocks on the door.

He looked up, taking notes of his surroundings, the opened window, the knife on the counter and his very important keys. He shuffled slowly to the door and pulled it slightly ajar, peeking out.

Cold, hard metal was pressing down on his forehead. It took a while for him to register that it was a gun being pointed at him. He didn’t mind the gun, it could not kill him. He took a good hard look at the person pointing it. Dressed in all black from head to toe, two pistols, probably a shotgun at the back and a belt holding several other weapons like grenades and the like. Over all of that is a thick black coat wet with rain.

“It must be heavy carrying all that weaponry on a small girl like you.”, he said with a smile.

She rolled her eyes.

“Come on shape-shifter, drop the act, I have a proposal for you if you want to end the Hunters.”

“Hmm… sounds like a plan.”, with a thoughtful smile, he opened the door and let the woman in.

It was like living in a story, he thought to himself.