Money should not be a concern for our happiness

In the past few days, I have been thinking a lot about happiness and what it should entail.

I mean, everybody has their own opinion of what happiness is but I think that there’s one thing that I truly want to achieve before I can say that I am truly happy:

Money is not a concern.

I mean, every single day I observed that the things that we want to experience and do are always limited by money such as going on a holiday or trying out that new restaurant at that scenic place. Now, let’s say that we remove that factor of money. Wouldn’t we be able to live freely, unlimited by the confines of our financial levels?

Wouldn’t we then be free to do whatever we set our minds to, whatever we truly want to achieve?

I guess so.

But now, here lies the question of how we should go about doing that.


Everything should be an Investment

I believe that everything we do should be an investment for our future and should be treated as such. It takes time to produce results. It requires constant work and dedication, each step moving closer to perfecting your craft. In today’s world, you might understand it as ‘hustling’.

We hustle because we want to achieve something great at the end of the day, be it building a successful company or, finding a good career or even working hard to finally pay off that mortgage for your dream house. But like most other things, with hustle comes patience. It takes a long time to build a business or to be a successful entrepreneur. Everything that you do day by day plays a part in building up to that dream. From the moment you wake up and decide between sleeping in or going for a run or, choosing between scheduling a meeting late in the evening or clocking out at 5pm, each decision that you make contributes to whether your dreams make or break.

Think about the late Muhammad Ali, he nurtured his talent since he was 12 and since then on he dived into boxing completely, practising and working hard every day to perfect his craft. He took training and the time that he spent in the boxing gym as an investment to one day become a legend that he is and and will forever be.

I believe that everything that we do should be an investment for our future. Be it if you want to be a writer, an entrepreneur or an engineer or any other careers, take into mind that the activities that you do every single day should be, one way or another, an investment for that dream. A writer would need to write, an entrepreneur needs to sell, an engineer needs to learn.

In a recent video, Gary Vaynerchuk addressed this issue in his idea of ‘reverse-engineering.’ He said that we should find out what we want to achieve and ‘reverse-engineer’ that dream to find out what are the parts or things that need to happen before that dream can become a reality. Because when all the parts come together, that dream will inevitably be realised.

Therefore, I believe that our lives should be structured as such, structured so that the activities that we do on a daily basis are investments that will help us build that dream that all of us want to achieve.