Nothing humbles us more…

A passing of a young life has always and will always have a profound effect on my emotions no matter who that person is.

It scares me to know that our life can be taken away from us, anytime, anywhere, at any place and if we allow that fear to grow and propagate, we will paralyse ourselves.


By remembering that such a thing will happen to each and every one of us one day will humble us. It will remind us that we are not as powerful, as brave, as healthy, as intelligent, as we think we are.

For me, such an unfortunate loss constantly reminds me of how pathetic we are, how weak we are, how powerless we are in the face of Him. It reminds me of how our miserable lives are at His mercy.

A young life lost is a lesson gained for all of us who are still alive. We can learn so much from the beauty of that young life, from the way they interacted with others, the way they held trust to the will of God, the way they smile, laugh and listen as if they weren’t the ones going. There’s so much we can learn from their mannerisms, their wisdom, and even though amidst their last days, their unyielding youth.

As they move on to their next phase as a creation of God, we might ask, what happens now?

Now, we can pray, seek forgiveness, repent, and supplicate. We can be aware of who we are and what we want to achieve in this life that will never last. We can realise that dream, our dream.

Understand your purpose, be kind, be good, be humble.





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Mothers’ Day

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Mothers carry us for 9 months. They had cravings, felt sick every morning, felt pain around their backs and felt sore all over but even after all that, they were excited to have you.

During labour, they felt intense pain, breathlessness and some might even have passed out. Some sacrificed beauty by undergoing Cesarean section just to bring you into this world but even after all that, they were so happy to see your beautiful face with your cute little hands and feet and holding you in their arms.

Once they brought you home, their sleep was disturbed by your constant crying, they had to change your diapers, feed you and cleaned you but even after all that, they were glad that you are in their lives.

Growing up, they had to deal with your antics, your problems that you faced and become your saviour every time you made a mess but even after all that, they love you with all their heart. They do all of that because they are your mothers and they will forever love you unconditionally.

They do all of that because they are your mothers and they will forever unconditionally love you.

As most of us know, today is Mothers’ Day and there would be an influx of posts showing dedications, appreciations and love for their mothers on social media but we need to do more beyond that. We need to show them love and care in our character and in our daily interactions with them. We should kiss them, hug them or help them around the house if we can, daily.

Also, we need to move beyond the gifts. Honestly, I feel that the act of giving gifts to mothers is a business tactic to market to people who do not have the courage to show real love to their mothers but expect materialism to cover up their flaw as a child. It is the easy way out for such people.

Honestly, mothers do not expect gifts but instead, they expect love and company of their children. By just being there for your mother when she needs you or the simple act of talking to her would be sufficient for her.

We can give whatever reasons that we want to explain why such things are impractical but listen here, your mother sacrificed her life to have you. She could have done so many other things with her life such as having a successful career, being free from problems associated with raising a child and live happy, independently. However, she decided to have you. She decided to raise you, feed you and teach you how to survive in the world. She decided to put you first in her life. She decided to take the day off from work when you were sick, she decided to work hard so that you can have that toy that you have always wanted and she decided to stay at home with you just so you could sleep well at night. She sacrificed everything because she decided that you are the coolness of her eyes and nothing will ever change that. So do not disappoint her, give her a hug now and tell her how much you cherish her.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers out there!


Love Your Parents

Love Your Parents


All of us are so preoccupied with our own lives; we go to school or work, we travel and explore, we celebrate our birthdays and went to our friends’ parties but we never took a moment to recognise that as we are growing up and discovering life, our parents are also getting older.

My mother has this condition where her hair will start to thin and new hair fails to grow. This causes her to have a growing bald spot from her hairline till the centre of her scalp. So, when I played around with her hair, I realised that her bald spot had become very obvious. It had never been so bad before and I was quite taken aback. Soon, I realised that it was another sign of her ageing. It was her birthday that day and she just turned 49. At that moment, the realisation of my parents’ mortality dawned on me.

I tried not to picture her old and frail in 20 years time, requiring assistance to move from point to point. I tried not to imagine her requiring help to put food into her mouth. I tried not to imagine her health failing and seeing, probably the darkest time in my life, fast approaching. However, it is something I need to prepare for. As dark as it may be, it is something that will eventually happen. It is something that I do not want to be caught completely off guard.

Every single birthday, every single year, as we turn 20, 21, or whatever age we may be, we also need to remember that our parents are turning 50, 51 or even older. We also need to remember that age is catching up with them and their health might also be steadily deteriorating. Unfortunately, It is one of the facts of life. One day, our parents will turn old and frail. They will become dependent and it is up to you to care for them and ensure that their welfare is taken care of. One day, their health will turn for the worse and you will have to face the inevitable scenario.

I suggest all of you to take a good look at your parents and see age catching up with them: their facial skin drooping and loosening, their hair falling, and their skin wrinkling.

Therefore, we need to realise that our time with them is finite and a majority of our time now should be spent with them. I am not saying that we should forgo our own lives and our own aspirations but instead, we should prioritise them first. If we have to choose between going for a last minute meeting or a dinner with them that had been planned for a while, we should choose the latter.

Do simple acts of kindness for them, be there for them, help ease their lives for them, for were they not there for you when you were small and powerless?

Love them, cherish them and know that whatever they did for you can never be repaid and every moment that passes, your darkest days are slowly approaching.

I try to be secular on this site, but there is an ayah from the Al-Quran that captures the idea of this whole article:

And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], “uff,” and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word.

– Surah Al-Isra, Quran 17:23


Everyone is Born Loved

All of us are born being loved by someone.

No matter the kind of person someone turns out to be, no matter what acts or sins someone had committed, there is always someone out there who loves them.

I personally feel that a person’s relationship with everyone that they know can be represented by ropes of various strengths. The strength of a rope heavily depends on how much love the other party has for that particular person. Therefore, for example, the rope will still be strong even though the particular person, Person A, do not love Person B but Person B loves Person A a lot. In a case where Person A dies, this rope will be severed completely representing the lost in the connection between both parties. Person A and Person B can no longer communicate with one another, they can no longer show acts of care and compassion towards each other and they can never interact again. The living bond that is represented by the rope is gone forever.

Whenever I watch, read or listen something that involves someone dying, I will always feel a strong sympathy for their loved ones because the thought of a life removed from them seemed so cruel. For people who die, they will not suffer, they are dead but their loved ones will. Their loved ones will grief their death and for someone who loved the deceased a lot, they will suffer even more. The rope that held the living bond between the deceased and the loved one will completely severe eventually but being a strong rope, it will take time. This time is relative to the amount of grief a loved one will have till they ‘let go’ which is represented by the rope severing completely.

Therefore, it really pains me when I hear about someone who committed suicide. I honestly do not pity the person who kills himself for he has lost all respect when he did that. Instead, I pity his loved ones. They have to bear the burden of guilt and grief never knowing what they ever did wrong. It might take months or years for the ropes to be completely severed and it will hurt a whole lot during the whole period.

It takes a lot of selfishness for someone to even consider committing suicide.The amount of love that they were given, the amount of care and compassion that they were blessed with since their birth can never be repaid and they just kill themselves like it does not matter at all. It does not matter what socio-economic background they come from nor does it matter what their race is, nothing can justify their suicide. They are wrong to think that killing themselves will solve the problem but instead, they are burdening their loved ones even more.

What could be a life full of experiences and hope is negated just like that.

All of us have someone who loves us, whether we know it or not is another question but know that it is never right to commit suicide. It is never right to take your life away and put so much pain on your loved ones. It is never right to severe that rope which has held you to your loved ones so strongly. It is never right to cause them grief and suffering.

If you can take one thing away from this article, I hope it is that you know someone loves you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing and that person hopes every single day of his/her life that you will return to them safely.