Third Month of 2017

Hold on to your seats! We are nearing the third month of 2017!

Such fast! Such time! Whatttttt!

It truly felt as if time flew past by too quickly. I still have yet to get my bearings right though I’m glad I can finally allocate more time to my studies.

Unfortunately, however, my mid-terms are coming up next week and 5 weeks-ish after that would be my Finals thus, there really isn’t much time to waste.

I guess this post is just to check in with what I have achieved thus far, to reflect on the two months that had passed.

I’m sure some of you already know that I set New Year’s Resolutions. This year, however, is just an extension of last year’s which is to continue to improve my creative skills and be more proactive in seeking out knowledge and volunteering. So, I did just that. In the first two months (more of a continuation of last year), I was a part of Islam Awareness Series 2017 and coming soon, Rihlah 1438H. Both I consider as volunteering. I also joined FOC 2017 (I just couldn’t resist) which is currently in its planning stages.

I’m still pretty active in Silat (hmm… though fitness has yet to improve). However, I’ve begun to neglect my powerlifting training, pushing time and effort into the ad-hocs and my studies.

Deep down, I guess what I’m trying to find are opportunities, opportunities to go higher in university and in life, opportunities that will make me into a better person and bring me closer to my dream.

Well, all of that looks fine and dandy but I have to always remind myself that I’m a student first and studies should always be prioritised.


Just a small update on lifestyle. I’m still trying to get a hang on the long days and short nights (coffee helps a bit). With regards to creativity, I’m falling short and missed an amazing opportunity to shoot for a competition because of the upcoming examinations. However, I’m sure there’ll be much more to come.

Exercise is currently on a seesaw. Fitness dropping, stamina too. I would need to revise on my scheduling.

I guess that’s all for now. I have a few projects coming soon and I will keep this blog updated.

It’s All About The Hustle. Always.



I write…

Oh my. I want to write so bad, I could feel my mind ticking for every moment that passes.

My fingers itched to slam down my thoughts onto that keyboard, to hear the beautiful clicking and tapping of the keys.

I couldn’t wait to share with the world, my ideas, my inspiration and my eureka moments. I. just. could. not. wait.

Therefore, as if I have an idea that could change the current paradigm of the world, I began to type.

But who am I kidding?

I ain’t Charles Darwin with years of knowledge, scientific research and adventures to back up his theory.

I ain’t Plato with philosophical ideas and stories that could wreck havoc in the minds of 20-year-olds today.

I ain’t George R.R. Martin with a creative mind that can build worlds that beautify the minds of readers.

I’m just a blogger, a passionate wannabe writer, a creative-in-progress.

Why would anyone want to listen to my ideas, my thoughts, my perspective for I have no credentials nor a reputable reputation?

I guess, I just love the feeling of typing, of sharing, of clearing my mind of the daily baggage of ideas and creativity. It does not matter if no one reads it. It truly doesn’t matter.

I write because ultimately, it is for the past me, the current me and the future me.

Maybe one day I’ll be good enough move up a level, to step out of the blogosphere and into real writing. Maybe.


Children question.

Why don’t we?

Philosophers have been questioning things since the beginning but whether or not that brings any value to society is not the point.

However, there is actually value to asking questions itself.

To ask questions is to show that we are curious about something. Children ask questions. And a lot of them. They ask possibly because they’re curious about how the world works, their eyes trying to swallow the information that is fed to them, their brains trying to make sense of it all.

By asking questions, they are able to structure things, categorise things, understand things on how they function and why they function the way they do.

But, how do we reap the benefits of questioning?

For me, questioning reveals gaps in my knowledge and to bridge that gap, I attempted to seek knowledge by asking. Thus, it allows us to solidify the things we are learning, to ensure that we understand what we are learning.

Questioning also develops the mind for creativity. Creativity is an abstract thing and so is questioning. One can question till the end of time asking countless things from the purpose of the universe until the cause of an itch. But by questioning, one gets to reach out to all of these possibilities and abstract thinking sparking creativity.

Questioning like a child might be an important skill for adults like us after all.


I think imagination and creativity are like wells that need to constantly be filled from an outside source. The way we can feed it is through reading, watching, thinking, writing and pondering.

I haven’t had much inspiration as of late and it has been a while since I have been on a week long hiatus from posting photographs/stories on Instagram. If today hadn’t been a day for my publicity team to release some content, I believe I might not have posted anything for another week or two.

Currently, my brain is just void of any ideas, stories and concepts. Maybe it is just mentally drained from the chaos from the first week of school or maybe it is because I’m still trying to tie some loose ends before the semester picks up speed.

Whatever it is, I need to get my sh** together quickly.

I hate the feeling of the lack of creativity and even though making videos is a type of creative outlet for me, it doesn’t trigger my brain as much as writing or reading does.

I need to focus on putting more concepts into my mind, playing around with ideas and stories, and maybe soon, I’d get a eureka moment for a story.

There’s something missing

To be honest, I feel as if I have something missing from my life. Something that I had once before but somehow, I’ve lost it along the way.

I realised this when my days are no longer structured, I spent most of my time procrastinating and feeling really lazy and unmotivated. I also became less creative. Today was such a day.

I realised that I’ve somehow lost that drive that I used to have.

Is it because I lacked purpose or is it because I lacked external inputs of hustle and creativity?

I honestly don’t know.

However, what I can say is this. The abundance of time that I have every single day is not helping at all. My mind is in a constant battle of either to do something productive or to laze around and procrastinate.

The latter will usually win.

A possible cause might be that I currently lacked deep human interaction. If you do not know yet, I thrive on having deep conversations with people, talking about life, dreaming and playing thought experiments. The holidays isn’t helping. Even though I do interact with people, they are usually one-dimensional conversations that are on the surface and never deeper. Usually, it is about meetings or something superficial. It doesn’t feed my need to have intense philosophical conversations.

Well, I don’t know. Now, I’m watching previously watched videos by Chase Jarvis, ’30 Days of Genius’. Maybe, it will help give me some insight to what I’ve lost and maybe, help to feed the motivation that I sorely needed.


I just think technology is amazing.

I am super grateful that I am living in an age whereby creators are able to create freely without any of the barriers set in place by gatekeepers like big corporations and governments.

Now, we are able to plan, shoot and upload almost instantly and I truly believe that it opens the mind of the creator to so many more possibilities.

However, this does not mean we can create nonsense and the unspoken rule of creating meaningful work should still be upheld.

Create. Take advantage of the technology we have. Create. Share.


What it takes to start?

We are obsessed with trying to do something perfectly/correctly that we stopped trying to actually do it.

I experienced that many times, in work, when I was trying to film or even when I want to study. I always wanted it to happen at the proper time, pushing back the actual work. I always seem to want certain things to be available to me before I can start the actual work. I waited, procrastinated and ended up not doing anything at all.

I realised that it is a habit that all of us have to break because it brings no benefit to us at all.

The truth is that we can actually do the work that we need to do without most of the things we think we need. Want to film a video? You just a phone camera. Want to start exercising? You don’t need all those fancy clothes, expensive shoes, high-end sports watch. All you need is a pair of cheap running shoes. Want to learn? You don’t need to sign up for expensive classes nor buy expensive books. All you need is the internet.

After all, what matters in the end, is that we start. It doesn’t matter if we have everything in the world but not doing anything with them.

So, let’s break that habit and know that we can start even with the little things that we have.