Life’s Moving Too Fast

Have you ever felt that time just passes by so fast?

Like in a blink of an eye, the events that I have been waiting for all year just whizzed past, it came and it left.

My stint in National Service ended about 5 months ago, 2 years of my life flew right by.

5 months of holidays ended today, 5 months of doing whatever I want, ended in what felt like a split second.

The ORD trip to Krabi flew by, Ramadan whizzed past, Eid came and went, Freshmen Orientation Camps done and dusted.

It almost felt as if those events did not really happen, it even felt as if they were just a fragment of my imagination.

I’m glad that we live in this era where photographs and videos are the norm, where we are able to capture memories and events that we love, immortalising them because if not for photographs, I would even convince myself that those events that pass by didn’t really happen.

Maybe it is just me.

I believe that we need to learn to experience the moment itself as it is happening and not to be caught up by documenting the event/memory through video and photographs. However, this does not mean that we totally abandon documenting. Instead, prioritise experiencing the moment over the photo or the video.

All those events that I’ve experienced left me with a wonderful memory that I can keep. A memory that cannot be seen or heard in photographs or videos but a memory that my mind personally keeps. Those photographs and videos are just but a supplement to my memory, a way for me to relive the moment and recall all those that I’ve experienced.



Slowly, eyelids become heavy,

Muscles began to relax,

We succumb to the call of sleep,

And drift off to another land,

Our souls exit our bodies,

Living only an empty man.


Where does the soul go, they ask?

Well, to any place it wishes to be,

Tokyo, London, New York, you see,

Places where the soul can be free.


When will it return then, they ask?

When it is time, my dear,

When the moon and the sun,

Sing a melody, that you can hear.

Nothing is Linear

I just watched this video by Chase Jarvis:

It is about finding your passion or your calling.

Most of us, including myself, struggle to find our calling, our passion, our interests. It can sometimes be frustrating. No matter what we do, the things we are doing just don’t seem to satisfy us.

However, I believe that finding your passion is not something that is straightforward. It requires twists and turns, endless searching and experimenting. Young people like myself, we lacked the experience of the outside world, the different jobs, career paths and activities.

What we can do is to go out and experiment, go out and try loads of new things, do your many firsts because I believe that only through trying can we find what we are really passionate about. You wouldn’t know that you’re passionate about photography until you try it, you wouldn’t know you’re passionate about volunteering until you try it.

Life is never linear, successful people go through many paths, through many jobs and through many failures, but they continue to trudge on trying to find their passion until they did.

I hope that this would be a reminder to all of us that finding our passion might sometimes be an arduous task but will pay off in the end.


When you are lying on your deathbed in your final moments of your life and you are looking back at everything that had happened in your life, what is it that you want to see? What achievements do you want to achieve? What regrets do you have?

I believe it is a question that all of us should ask ourselves, a question that tackles our higher purpose in life.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

— Nietzsche

All of us have many goals that we want to achieve, dreams that we want to make a reality before we die, a bucket list of sorts. Some of us want to travel all over the world, others might want to help the poor by providing them food, shelter and water. Some of us might even want to build an empire and leave behind a legacy.

But there is a problem. Most of us do not know where to begin.

Therefore, I have a suggestion. Reverse-engineer.

  1. List down all your goals. Pick one that you prioritise to achieve.
  2. Break down that goal into what will make it a reality. E.g. Travel Around the World. To make it a reality, I would need money, months of holidays (quit my job?)
  3. Next, break down the parts into its smaller components. Since we would need money to travel around the world, you would need to work for a period of time and save that money. Maybe, open a savings account?
  4. Finally, apply. This is the most difficult step in this whole process as it would require you to stay motivated long enough to see the results come to fruition. Do not give up because know that you do not want to regret it when you’re on your deathbed.

Sometimes, your plan of action might fail you and it might not produce the results that you expected, do not worry, simply repeat the steps again.

Know this, it is never easy to achieve a life goal, maybe that is why it is so stimulating once you did achieve it. It requires dedication, focus and sacrifice, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

What keeps me motivated to work is the sense of regret. I do not want to feel regret when I am in my final phase of life. I do not want to think back and know that I could have done something with my life, that I could have put in a bit more effort.

We have one life to live, so make the best out of it.

Allow me to end this with a quote from Viktor E. Frankl:

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”





What I am Afraid Of

I am afraid that when I am finally gone, I will not leave behind anything of significance. I am afraid that I will not have benefitted humanity in any way. I am afraid that my life would be a waste.

When some people leave this world, you can see the impact they left. You can see it through the responses of distraught fans on social media, the conversations people have about them, the headlines on the newspapers and the turnout for their funeral processions.

When the death of a legend — Muhammad Ali — occurred, social media went insane, tributes poured in with people giving their final respects and thanking him for his contribution to the world. Photographs from the past and tributes started to fill the feeds of all social media, videos of his interviews, captions of his quotes and talks on the great work he had done. The mass media was also filled with his photographs, headlines filled with his name and television showing reruns of his interviews. He was an inspiration and loved by many, and the screens of the world reflected that.

Even though I know that I won’t make such a great impact like the late Muhammad Ali, I still want to have made a difference in people’s lives. I want to be someone that people look up to as an inspiration, a role model for the people and the definition of a dream fulfilled. I want others to benefit from my existence and let others know how I had changed their lives.

I do not want to be just another individual that was born, lived and died with no one remembering the good deeds that I have done or anybody remembering my name.

I just don’t want to be just another a gift from God that was wasted.

“We leave nothing behind except the legacy that we’ve worked hard for.”


Your North Star

Many of us are wandering about our existence with no sense of purpose. We are like molecules colliding into one another, reacting. It is like we are just biding our time on Earth, existing for the sake of it. We go to school because we have to, we work because we have to and we settle down because we have to.

But is that the only way for us to navigate life?

Deep inside, all of us have that North Star that we are striving for, that goal that we want to achieve before we pass on.

But we buried it deep inside for a long time because…

We are afraid.

Afraid of the consequences that might come from failing,

Afraid of how stupid we might look,

Afraid of overestimating our own capabilities.

That fear deep within stops us from truly ever living life,

That fear that stops us from maximising our potential,

And that fear needs to be stopped.

Because remember, nothing great will come from flowing, colliding and just reacting.

And to achieve greatness one have to step out and put their minds to work.

Elon Musk created Tesla and SpaceX,

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook,

Steve Jobs created Apple,

All of them had haters,

But they did it anyway.

They put that fear aside and did it anyway,

Because they had a North Star.

They have a goal that they want to achieve and they strived for it no matter what anybody say.

So, what is your North Star?

That ultimate goal that you want to achieve in the end?

The purpose of life is our North Star. It should be our prime motivation for everything that we do every single day. Remember, we live once and we can die at any time so, we better start chasing that dream now.


Being a Person in Your Dream Job

I think this is the one advice that I have been searching for since the beginning of my journey of self-discovery.

I am sure all of us have that moment in time where we are just not sure on how to go about working towards that dream of ours. We have heard countless times from others telling us to strive for that dream of ours, work hard, hustle all the way or putting yourself all in but we never know what that truly meant and how to go about it.

“Do what you think a person in your dream job does and do it.”

Before we begin the journey, all of us are like empty souls with only a dream. We have no plan, no structure and no idea on how to begin that attempt at that dream. I too have the same problem, however, I recently realised that working towards a dream is not a battle against random odds but instead we could use a template to help us. That template is the job of a person in your dream job.

What I mean is, imagine you are a person in your dream job. Now, think about the different tasks that that person is responsible for and the tasks that you think is part of the job. An example would be, an artist. An artist generates ideas, creates, publishes and markets his work. If you want to be an artist, go and do those things. Another example would be, an entrepreneur. First, recognise that an entrepreneur is in charge of his own finances, the finances of others and the company. Every aspect of his company from the people to the coffee corner is under his purview. An entrepreneur sells his products or services, market it to the public or to a business and works hard at expanding it. If you want to be an entrepreneur do those things. Basically, just start doing what you think a person in your dream job is doing and do it.

I realised that it is as simple as that and I shall begin my new ‘career’ now.