To get to utopia, one has to go through dystopia


To get to utopia, you have to go through dystopia.

I got this thought when I was watching this video in the early morning (you know, get all the thought processes going). Anyway, what struck me was that to achieve a utopian society, like how communism envisioned a utopia to be, one has to go through a dystopia.

A utopia is a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions whereby everything is perfect… or so it seems. However, the thought is all fine and dandy until you think about the pains and the troubles to sustain or even to reach utopia. A good example is the Communist Regime in the USSR where the idea was to build a utopic world of complete fairness and equality, removing hierarchy and classes. Look at how that turned out to be with the violent deaths and unjustified killings.

A few questions that we might want to think of when we want to build a utopia: How does one maintain social order or complete obedience to one’s envision of a utopia? How would you ensure that people cooperate and act in the way that you want that utopia to be? Finally, on what grounds/level should we maintain/control the human condition?

Now, it looks like the vision of a utopic world has been turned upside down which might be why it is impossible to achieve it.

Well, here’s a thought, is there a way for us to create a society that comes close to utopia? A form of governance maybe?

Ultimately, we have to think whether it is all worth it, whether the benefits outweighs the cost.

P.S. Democracy/Meritocracy/Capitalism and the like does not even come close to a utopic world. Nothing of any human form of governance will ever come close to it. Each form of governance has their own flaws and setbacks. It is not because of the idea itself but because of the human condition of wanting many things, never satisfied, and never able to work as a single organism.