Just Three Questions When You’re Down

When you’re down, do this.

I promise that it’ll only take a minute.

I promise that you’ll feel better afterwards.

Just three questions.

  1. Who do you care about? 
    Recall the happy memories that you had with them, the smiles, the laughter, that fuzzy feeling that you feel inside.
  2. What are you grateful for?
    Think about the shelter above your head, the bed that you sleep on every night, the food that you eat, the job that you have, the people around you.
  3. What keeps you going?
    Think about the things that motivate you to persevere in life. They can be a goal that you want to achieve, a person that you care about or even a self-responsibility that you have for yourself.

Smile because there are worse things that could’ve happened to you.



Sadness: A Fascinating Emotion

I’ve been meddling around with different thoughts and ideas, trying to move away from the thoughts on life itself and instead focusing more on its periphery, the emotions that govern our lives. 

Emotions are ways where one expresses themselves. Happiness, sadness, anger, disgust and so on. 

Recently, I’ve been interested in the events that trigger such emotions in a person especially those that governs sadness. 

What makes a person cry? 

Guilt, anger, hurt are just a few of the various triggers that cause a person to cry. Though, that begs the question of whether crying equals to sadness. 

Thus, shall I begin this quest in understanding more about this fascinating yet unfortunate (most of the time) state. 

What makes you feel sad?