We don’t matter to the Universe

We are just a speck of nothingness in this vast universe that stretches endlessly.

We are like atoms vibrating from one place to another, our existence means nothing to the wider world that is the universe.

Yet, we still think that we matter.

Unfortunately, we don’t.

Who are we to trample on other human beings, to bring others down and crush them beneath our boots?

Who are we to even consider that the world revolves around us?

Our existence will never make a difference to the universe nor will the universe even care if we exist.

And that is just the truth.

But aside from that depressing thought, we may not matter to the wider world, or even to the government and our country, but we do matter to the people around us. We do matter to the friends and family that we have, to the people that we might not really care about.

And that I think is something that we should keep in mind when we are thinking about our existence.

Ponder the Nature of Our Existence

Let’s ponder about our purpose on this planet.

Let’s ponder the meaning of life.

Let’s ponder the nature of our existence.

Why are we here?

Do we serve a higher purpose?

Are we here just to exist and die off?

How about the atheistic idea of propagating future generations?

I’m sure all of us have pondered about it,

The meaning of our own existence.

But most of the time,

We pushed the thought away,

“Too complicated, too pointless,” we say.

But maybe,

Just maybe,

There is a meaning to all of these seeming randomness,

Be it God,

Or some other idea.

But keep in mind,

For something,

Can never come out of nothing.