A Complex Equation for Success

The effort that you put in might not pay off.

But I think that it is worth a try.

We wouldn’t know how far will go if we never put in the work in the first place.

So, instead of dwelling on our failures,

we should pick ourselves up,


and move on, not making the same mistakes again.

It is hard to accept failure after all the effort that you’ve put in. But then we have to remember that this is life and it will never be the way we envisioned it.

I failed in something and I am hard on myself if I ever do. Therefore, this is a reminder for myself. A reminder that I should grab the rope of success and pick myself up. This failure is just a momentary setback, a reminder that hard work is just a part of a more complex equation to success, though, a big part of it.



We all know that one person…

We all know that one person who is always better than us in everything that we do. That person is always one step ahead of you, and you’re always left behind in the dust.

That person has the talent, the skills to beat you and that person will always use them against you.

You tried ever so hard to beat him, to put him behind you but all seems futile.

You feel like giving up.

But there’s something that could equalise the game, something that all of us can do but something that not all of us will do.

It is hard work.

Only through hard work and the obsession to chase after the No. 1 will we finally be able to equalise the playing field.

It can be tough, rather, it will be tough but for people like us with no skills and talents, it is the only way for us to reach the top and to be the best in whatever that we do.

It is a sad reality, but it is the reality.

I have no skills nor talents. I have no superior memory nor am I born a genius. I have to put every minuscule amount of hard work into what I am doing to be better. I know it doesn’t come easy, but what else can I do?