Old Friends

We all know the importance of having friends. Most of us even have close friends, friends whom we’ve known for years, friends that will always be there for you no matter what.

I do have a group of friends whom I’ve known for 8 years! I mean, they’re such important people to me and they’re the ones who’ve been with me since I was a young teenager going through the pains of puberty. It is amazing to still be friends with people who have seen you in the most vulnerable to states.

However, sometimes, friends can lose touch due to some circumstances. Especially 30 years ago, the age before the internet. Thus, when my parents met their old friends from back when they were in primary school, it was a beautiful sight. It was a beautiful sight to see their excited, ecstatic, surprised emotions. I’m sure they’ve talked a lot about the past and tried to catch up as much as they possibly could. IMAGINE 30 YEARS TO CATCH UP ON!

I mean, it must be a wonderful feeling.

I began to wonder if that would be the case for me in the future. But I guess not. Not that I wouldn’t miss any of my friends but it would be so easy to keep in touch with technology and whatnot. That intense feeling of surprise and wonderment wouldn’t be the same.

Anyway, I just hope that I will continue to be in touch with friends that I know today. Though, quality friends will definitely matter more.

Till then. πŸ™‚


In Good Company.

Today, I learnt a wonderful lesson about having good company.

What does it mean to have good company?

Is it to have people that you can have fun with, do mischievous things with, people that support you in everything that you do?

For me, I think, to have good company is to have a people that I am able to click well with, people that are on the same frequency as me, people that are of good influence.

As far as I can remember, I have never been comfortable with people that are rowdy, people that are rude, people that are bad. Maybe it is because of my good upbringing (thanks to my mom and dad), or maybe I just hated the way they view the world in short bursts of adrenaline. Maybe, it can even be because of my hatred for uncertainties.

Oh well. I’d rather be alone than mix with bunch of rowdy, lawless kids.

Anyway, today showed how important it is to have a group of people that can work hard and spread good vibes together towards a common goal.

I’m going to work with them for a few more weeks and I’m sure that I’ll sorely miss them once this event is over.

I am so grateful

Just want to say that I’m thankful for everything that has happened in my life thus far.

University life hasn’t been easy and I doubt that it ever will be but the experiences and friendships that I’ve made are worth it.

I am blessed to be able to meet wonderful people who are just filled with life and happiness, forge friendships with them and also able to fill the painful days of hustling with some sunshine.

In the last three months, a lot has changed, and a lot hasn’t but throughout those 3 months, I have to say that I enjoyed every moment of it, from the long hours of studying in school to the sweaty silat training sessions.

I just feel grateful today and I want to let everyone know how grateful I am that you’ve impacted my life positively in one way or another.

Cheers. πŸ™‚


I’m Grateful For…


I honestly am grateful for the friends or the people that I’ve met in university.

I mean, every single day when I’m in school, my days are always filled with laughter and smiles no matter who I meet or talk to.

And never (so far) have I felt emotionally threatened, hurt or annoyed by anyone that I’ve met in school.

I really think that it is a blessing to be able to meet so many different people from a wide range of backgrounds and all of them are able to make my days in school lively and fun.

And I hope that people will continue to spread the smiles everywhere and make others feel what I truly enjoy feeling, πŸ™‚



Never Let Go

Most of the time, I feel that we do not show enough appreciation to the people around us, to the people that have raised us, to the people that have loved us unconditionally, to the people that have helped us in our darkest of times.

Sometimes, I feel that we are taking advantage of those people because we think we can. Maybe we think that we have the time to.

We do not realise that we don’t.

Because every moment that we spent existing is a moment shorter spent with your loved ones, a moment shorter to hug them, to feel them, to smell them…

And when they are taken away from us, it will all be too late.

Even now, I regret the many moments that I had wasted not spending time with my parents (they are still alive, may they have a long life ahead) and it will continue to be a lost till I die.

However, I make it a habit to hug them whenever I can and to spend some time with them whenever I can. I want to show them that I care and I appreciate them.

Love your family, your sons, your daughters, whomever that you cherish and never let go.



I’m happy right now

I’m really happy right now.

I was all prepared for sleep; a cup of water, the air-conditioner blowing and the lights switched off, and that was when I realised that I was happy, I was truly happy.

You know that you are really happy when there’s a fluttering feeling in your chest when you smile,Β or when you experience an emotion that uplifts you and you realise that nothing else truly matters.

I experienced that.

It was a wonderful feeling.

I guess I was happy because everything has just been going wonderfully for me: I’m finally in NUS, I’ve been seeing my friends and socialising a lot, I’ve been enjoying taking photographs, and an article of mine was accepted by a Publication on Medium… just to name a few.

I can only see an upward slope from here and that made me feel very optimistic about the future.

However, I’ve always believed that after each bout of happiness, there will be intense stress and vice versa but while the happiness still lasts, I think I will grab it by the reins and hold on to it for as long as I possibly can.

Meeting New People

Meeting new people has never been a thing of mine. I am always nervous and worried whenever there is an occasion that calls for me to introduce myself and make new friends. My palms will be sweaty and my mind will run into the many possible situations that could happen. My unconscious mind would prepare multiple introductory lines that I could use such as, “Why are you here?”, “Which school were you from?”, “Hello, my name is Hakim and I was from _____.”

So, when I was at the Life Sciences Camp, already armed and prepared with the questions and ready for awkwardness, I was surprised at how easily I conversed. There was no sudden weird awkwardness nor were there any weird antics that I did. I managed to contain myself and not allow my nervousness to control my actions.

Never thought that I would say this but meeting new people has been a wonderful experience. It is amazing how strangers could reveal a lot about themselves to each other and gain trust in just a span of a few days or even hours. We had heart-to-heart talks every evening until the early morning and it was wonderful, something that I have always loved doing.

Next week, I will be attending another camp and honestly, I am excited.

I made wonderful friends in the duration of that camp and I hope the friendship lasts.