Old Friends

We all know the importance of having friends. Most of us even have close friends, friends whom we’ve known for years, friends that will always be there for you no matter what.

I do have a group of friends whom I’ve known for 8 years! I mean, they’re such important people to me and they’re the ones who’ve been with me since I was a young teenager going through the pains of puberty. It is amazing to still be friends with people who have seen you in the most vulnerable to states.

However, sometimes, friends can lose touch due to some circumstances. Especially 30 years ago, the age before the internet. Thus, when my parents met their old friends from back when they were in primary school, it was a beautiful sight. It was a beautiful sight to see their excited, ecstatic, surprised emotions. I’m sure they’ve talked a lot about the past and tried to catch up as much as they possibly could. IMAGINE 30 YEARS TO CATCH UP ON!

I mean, it must be a wonderful feeling.

I began to wonder if that would be the case for me in the future. But I guess not. Not that I wouldn’t miss any of my friends but it would be so easy to keep in touch with technology and whatnot. That intense feeling of surprise and wonderment wouldn’t be the same.

Anyway, I just hope that I will continue to be in touch with friends that I know today. Though, quality friends will definitely matter more.

Till then. 🙂

Long, deep conversations

There’s beauty in long, deep conversations.

If I were to have a favourite type of conversation, it would be long, intense, intimate conversations. Those are the conversations that allows one to pour out their souls, their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Those conversations are the key to getting to know someone truly deeply.

In Singapore, we call those conversations, Heart to Heart Talks (HTHT). It is a common practice here during camps, suppers, or just in simple gatherings of close friends. I guess it was set as an intention to get to know people on a whole new level from strangers which hopefully will turn into friends.

For me, such conversations give me a mushy, fuzzy feeling inside. An emotion that I truly love and embrace. I guess it stems from my fascination of knowing someone else, especially someone new. It allows me to get to know someone’s perspective, ideas, thoughts and priorities. But I guess, it is much deeper than that. In afterthought, maybe, it might have been a way for me to see the state of my life, to listen to their experiences and learn from their lessons. To reap some sort of benefit and apply it into my life.

Yesterday, I had one of such conversations. I totally dived deep into it, fascinated (as I always was) about his life stories and things that I would never have known if not for such conversations. And one thing that I learnt from it is that, sometimes, caring too much isn’t good. Once one sees an opportunity, one should dive straight into it without much care for what happens next. One has to do that in order to prevent analysis paralysis.

It was an amazing conversation and it would’ve continued late into the night if we weren’t rushing to get home.

There’s a lesson behind all of this. It is that intellectual or just pure honest conversations can really build strong connections between people.

And one should always strive to do that.

I will.


I’m happy right now

I’m really happy right now.

I was all prepared for sleep; a cup of water, the air-conditioner blowing and the lights switched off, and that was when I realised that I was happy, I was truly happy.

You know that you are really happy when there’s a fluttering feeling in your chest when you smile, or when you experience an emotion that uplifts you and you realise that nothing else truly matters.

I experienced that.

It was a wonderful feeling.

I guess I was happy because everything has just been going wonderfully for me: I’m finally in NUS, I’ve been seeing my friends and socialising a lot, I’ve been enjoying taking photographs, and an article of mine was accepted by a Publication on Medium… just to name a few.

I can only see an upward slope from here and that made me feel very optimistic about the future.

However, I’ve always believed that after each bout of happiness, there will be intense stress and vice versa but while the happiness still lasts, I think I will grab it by the reins and hold on to it for as long as I possibly can.

Ties of Friendship

Have you ever wanted to go back to the past, to change it, relive it or see it from a new perspective?

I have.

In my short life of 20 years, there is one period of my life that I would love to relive. That was my time in secondary school. To me, that period of my life was carefree, fun and exciting. All I had to do was to attend school. There were minimal responsibilities, low expectations and a lot of time. I look forward to school not because of schooling itself but because of the friends I made there, especially my classmates from the year 2008.

We were always up to no good, playing card games, — which were illegal — playing ‘fight club’ after school or the normal chatter about puberty and sex. Looking back, it was so immature, but at that point of time, it was a topic that filled us with curiosity, we are after all going through puberty.

Maybe I yearn to relive that moment in my life because ever since I graduated from secondary school, I have yet to experience the same sort of bondedness and friendship. There were a few other occasions but the feelings were never as strong.

Even though it has been 8 years and even though we have gone our separate ways, the friends that I made then are still my friends today. I am so glad that we are still bonded, our ties of friendships still strong.

Thinking about this made me appreciate the importance of having strong friendships because most of the time, the memories that we cherish the most are not places itself but the people you experience the places with. My friends made my time in secondary school the best time of my life, they made it interesting, and they made me look forward to school every single day.

And because of that, I would really love to relive that period of my life again.