Priorities = Time


Recently, I have been complaining about time, the lack of.

But what I realised is that it isn’t because I don’t have enough time to do the things I need, want or expected of me but it is because I didn’t prioritise my tasks properly.

I have several responsibilities on my hands right now and I’m constantly juggling between all of them. And because of this, I’m constantly getting confused about dates, times, locations and the like.

Furthermore, it felt as it these tasks were also taking up my studying time which later on eats up my sleeping / alone time (which I truly need to stay productive).

Multitasking, that’s it. I have been multitasking, never spending enough time to be in DEEP WORK which is crucial. Thus, causing the problems I’ve stated above.

I didn’t prioritise my tasks properly, always mixing and changing about between tasks whenever they come up. Note to self: not good.

I need to have a keystone task that will keep me grounded and onward towards balance. I think that would be my studies.

In the last semester, I made it a goal to study at least 5 hours a day. It was a mild success (a success, nonetheless). That was my keystone task as anything I do during the day is towards reaching and striving that goal (which kept me focused and neat).

I think I will still keep that goal in mind this semester.

Priorities. Priorities. Priorities.


Why I’ve always been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions

It is the start of the year and with every new year comes a whole bunch of dreams and hopes for a good year ahead.

A new year also signals a wave of resolutions to be set. Things like wanting to lose weight (again), eat healthier (again), find that special someone (again).

But all of us know all too well how quickly resolutions die down after just a week or two.

However, unlike the rest of the world (except maybe a dignified few), I take my resolutions seriously and have always been a fan of them since I was 14 (I’m 21 now).

So, why am I a fan of New Year’s Resolutions?

    All of us have many goals/dreams that we want to achieve and some are dreams that we’ve held on for years. Furthermore, as we live through life, more and more of such dreams occur to us, piling up on the long list of things we want to achieve before we die. Therefore, by prioritising certain goals/dreams at the start of the year, we are able to focus on what truly mattered to us and work towards them for the rest of the year, putting everything else on hold.
    To me, goal setting is a calming experience. It allows me to bring myself to the centre stage and bask in the limelight even for just a few minutes. It helps to refocus my thoughts, ideas, dreams and aspirations, and what I truly want (not what others want). It allows the individual to refocus life on himself (or herself) and give themselves 100% of the attention. Furthermore, the ticking off of checkboxes is such a motivating feeling and drives you further to achieve those long-term goals.
    I’m using the word ‘define’ pretty loosely here. Of course, mere resolutions are not things that should define you, however, I believe that resolutions are more like spices and condiments that add flavour to your life. By setting resolutions, I believe that it gives us a peek into who we’re going to be in the future and that motivates me to work on those said resolutions.

Those are just a few of the many other reasons why I have always been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. May we set good ones and strive hard to achieve them by the end of the year.

I think people set resolutions that are doomed to fail. They will set resolutions that are not considered and thought of deeply. They did not spend time pondering and reflecting on what they really want and instead set resolutions that came off of the top of their head.

We need to think of resolutions less of a wish but more of a work-in-progress.

Stop wishing, start hustling.

Good Bye 2016, What’s Next?

I don’t know.

To be honest, that was what 2016 was like, full of I-Don’t-Knows.

2016 was wonderful and it was a year where I had learnt so much, made so many wonderful friendships and learnt truly a lot about myself and I guess, attained self-awareness.

2016 was the year I ORD-ed from serving the nation in the Singapore Civil Defence Force,
2016 was the year I became a student of the National University of Singapore,
2016 was the year that I’ve forged unexpected friendships (how I entered Silat without much consideration),
2016 was the year I opened myself up to many new things (joining two ad-hocs without much consideration),
2016 was the year I lived my dream of being a college student,
2016 was the year I started to put more focus into my writing,
2016 was the year I became obsessed with Casey Neistat and his art of vlogging,
2016 was the year I truly strived to be a better person,
2016 was the year that I squatted heavy (52.5KG per side),
Most importantly, 2016 was the year I hustled.

There are many things I’ve failed to achieve in 2016 but there are also many things that I achieved. There were also many detours and unexpected things that happened that made my 2016 so much more beautiful.

I’ll be posting up my goals and resolutions for 2017 and also a reflection on how my resolutions for 2016 had turned out to be.

P.S. However, in my opinion, 2016 had been bloody and brutal for the outside world, but 2016 was needed for the world to wake up.

Even though there might be things that we had hoped could have been better in 2016, let’s refresh ourselves and move forward to 2017 with renewed hope and vitality.

1 Creative Work / Day


Even though it isn’t the start of a new month, but whatever.

I am going to start a new monthly challenge.

The goal of this monthly challenge is to create.

So, the challenge is that I have to post a creative work every single day for the next month. The creative work has to be either in the form of a movie, a written story, or engagement on either Snapchat/InstaStory.

The definition of creativity is set loose so that I can give myself some flexibility to work around it.

Now. Today is Day 1.


I Had Lived


Ah, that period of the day where people are either still half asleep or revved up and prepared to go.

Some would rush to get their coffee fix for the day while others seem to have a natural energy that they harvested from a night’s rest.

For me, I love mornings.

I’m usually the most productive during the day. You can call me a morning person. I mean, what is so bad about mornings. The air is cool, the birds are chirping and the streets are quiet (especially on Sunday).

It is also the period of time where I’m most contemplative (evenings too!). Therefore, this morning I had this thought:

A few days ago, I was sitting through a lecture on Ageing and the lecturer said something fascinating that had been bugging my mind ever since. All of us will have to face the decision; whether we want to live a long life that is painful or a shorter one that is painless?

I mean, both have their pros and cons.

Living a longer life albeit a painful one allows you to spend more time with your loved ones, getting to know them better and cherish every single moment with them. A shorter life allows you to die much less painfully.

Yesterday, I was watching a video on TED entitled, “How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed?” The speaker introduced the idea of premortem whereby you think about the things that are going to happen and take steps to prevent it. This idea can be applied to the question that I had asked you above.


Think about what really matters to you.

For me, when my life is coming to an end, I wouldn’t want to be plugged up onto machines and be sliced apart. I feel that it would be better to go when it is time, without hesitation, especially if I know that I had lived life fully.

Thus, that is what I strive every single day. To make every second of my life worth it. To be at the end and being able to say, “I HAD LIVED.”





Romantic About the End Goal

I think most people including myself are romantic about being successful. We want to be successful but most of us are not willing to put in the work.

I mean, look at our work. Does our work reflects that of a multi-billion dollar entrepreneur?

Or does our work resembles closer to that of a lazy office worker?

Stop dreaming about the end goal and start falling in love with the process!