We Can Do a Great Many Things

We can do great things. We can do so many great things.

If you’re reading this, it means that you’re given the chance to do something great. What do I mean?

Have we ever stop to think about how wonderful the devices in our hands are? Have we ever stop to think about how powerful these devices are?

And yet, we procrastinate away.

I call myself an artist, even though the art side of me is pretty subjective. Thus, I see everything through the lenses of creativity. When I look at my Macbook, I don’t just see a Macbook, instead, I see a key to success, an outlet for my creativity. I use it to write, to edit, to research, to work, and do many other amazing things. I see an opportunity and I grab it.

I guess, now, it becomes somewhat of second nature to do something worth my time every single day. Maybe it is the byproduct of blogging every day. Whatever it is, I put the opportunities that were given to me to good use.

Sometimes I think to myself how fortunate we all are and I would get emotional too. Why? Because many of us don’t see it.

People ask why successful people become successful and how to emulate them. It is a valid question and one that I have heard many times. But the true reason they’re asking that question is because they want to know ‘THE SECRET’, something that does not exist. There is no secret.

Don’t worry, I too had fallen into that downward spiral of questioning but I quickly realise that successful people are successful because THEY GRABBED OPPORTUNITIES WHEREVER THEY GO. They don’t procrastinate and wait. They don’t idle around with friends. Instead, they go out and DO.

It may sound simple, maybe too simple that most would just shove it aside but it is so true!

What I’m trying to say is this, that device in your hands is a gem of the Technology Era. Use it. Abuse it. Find success.

Do great things with it because we can.