We are all humans with limited capabilities.

All of us are just humans with limited capabilities. We are not perfect nor will we ever be perfect.

But then, how do we grow to reach that limited potential that we actually have?

Through listening to the advice of the generations before, by making right the things that they’ve made wrong, to not repeat their mistakes ever again.

I believe that each new generation builds up from the generations before them and each new generation leverage those lessons that have been compiled for them.

So, I guess, the lesson for me today is to listen to the advice of seniors and people that have gone through the journey, to not be full of myself, to remain humble even if I just so happen to be more knowledgeable (rarely happens but you get the point).

What does it mean to modernise?

In this age of technological advancement and progress, we may call it the modernisation of the human era from small villages to large metropolitan cities.

However, what does it truly mean to modernise?

What is modernisation if one only progress in technology but regress in our culture and society?

What does it mean to have high-tech equipment lying around if our souls are going back to the age of the cavemen?

What is the point of modernisation at all if we, as humans, do not progress in our spirituality and mental health?

Wouldn’t we just be intelligent cavemen? Could we even be called intelligent if our societies are in tatters but the only thing we’re good at is technology?


The Probability of Being Born a Human

I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s DailyVee,

when he said that we should be grateful for being a human and that should that motivate us because the probability of being human is so small, 1 in 400 trillion.

Well, I was curious, so I went to do some research and it turns out that there is such a statistic. There’s an article from the Huffington Post which puts the probability lower to an improbable 1 in 102,685,000

I mean, regardless of the correctness of the maths behind it, it got me thinking about how a miracle we are. I began to think about how we came to be, based on a myriad of factors, from the chances our parents meet to the insemination until our development. I mean, there’s just so many things that could have gone wrong but didn’t. Any small changes in the past might have a drastic impact on whether we are here today.

And it got me thinking of how lucky we are and how grateful we should be, to not only born a human but to be who we are.

So I guess, Gary’s idea of motivation made sense. We should be thankful that we are not born as an animal or anything else and thus, we should grab this almost miraculous opportunity as a human to do good, to make a lasting impact on the world.

Well, this pumps me up.



A Tragedy, or so I thought.


Today was bad. My phone died on me. It short-circuited or something and just wouldn’t switch on.

And if you had experienced this before, you know how bad it felt, like a blow to your face.

Technology is like an extension of myself. Contacts, information and entertainment at my fingertips, and without a doubt, in the future, it might be worse.

It made think about how we start to grow dependent on technology from places to eat to basic everyday facts. Though, maybe that is a good thing. Technology removes the burden of knowing to them, allowing us to be free to think creatively, to ponder about thinks that we otherwise wouldn’t. We become more human in that case, to be creative. Instead of being the encyclopaediae, we become the curator – compiling and digesting information to find the meaning behind them.

Maybe, technology is good after all. Hmm… A thing to ponder about.


Inhumane Humanity

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Inhumane Humanity

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We were born lucky. Gifted with sentience and intelligence.

We are able to build wonderful civilisations and breakthroughs in technologies.

We are able to make the blind see,

And the paralysed to walk.

We are able to connect billions of people together,

And get to know each other.


We are still barbaric as ever.

We ridicule and segregate each other,

Just because of language, religion and colour.

We fight, we steal and we kill,

Just because they do not have the same idea

of what politics, beliefs and culture should be.

We call ourselves Humanity,

One race to rule the Earth,

But we still listen to the bigots,

Who are spreading hate through their speeches,

Calling for Racism, Nationalism and War.

Thus, we divide, separate and segregate,

For fear of our safety.

How little do we know that,

That is where the problem begins.

I do not understand,

How could we be so ignorant,

Even in a time like this,

In a time full of progress,

A time when race, religion and language,

Should not matter anymore.


Fascination With Tall Buildings

Have you ever looked at a large building and felt that feeling of awe and wonder?

I know I did. I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and like all other tourists, I went to visit the famous Petronas Twin Towers also known in Malay as Menara Petronas. They are the twin towers that you can find in any Tourism Malaysia advertisement. Looking at those twin towers gave me that feeling of awe and wonder. It made me feel small but also gave me the impression that humanity is amazing. Looking around, I saw people having that same moment of wonder, mouths open and eyes wide especially with children. It is something about large and tall structures that made us all fall in awe.

It was also not the first time that I felt this feeling. Recently, I had a cycling trip with a friend of mine and we went all around the East side of Singapore visiting the many tourist attractions such as the Singapore Flyer, the Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens By The Bay, Marina Barrage and the Esplanade to name a few. These buildings also gave me that same feeling of wonder and amazement. The grandeur of the Marina Bay Sands was clearly seen in the midday sky with the sunlight bouncing off of the windows somewhat making it sparkle, the cool bluish tint of the laminated glass of the Singapore Flyer was clearly seen and the famously tall, eco-friendly Super Trees at Gardens by The Bay. Therefore, it made me wonder, why are we so drawn to such structures? Aren’t we already satisfied looking at similar structures especially for city-dwellers like me?

I personally think that these structures show that humanity is capable of so much. We are able to utilise the knowledge that we have gained throughout the years, in this case, engineering and architecture combined with modern technology, to build something that the people of the past cannot comprehend. It shows that humanity as a whole can achieve great heights (pun intended) when we put our minds to it. It amazes me every time looking at those structures to know that humanity has progressed from discovering how to cook to building mega-structures that literally scrape the skies.

Not only that, by building high and mighty structures, humanity is able to show its superiority and power. I’m sure all of us get that feeling of when we see a tall building that whoever this building belongs to must be powerful. I’m sure that that is one of the reasons such buildings are built. It puts across the unspoken statement of, “Look at what we can build, can you do the same?”

Looking back, these are one of the few things that I find amazing about humanity. We never give up in the face of adversity. We learn and gather knowledge and we implement that knowledge into solving our problems. When we set our minds to something, we go out and do it. However, it is unfortunate that not all of the single unit of humanity, an individual, is like that. Some are still lazy and unimaginative while some are goalless. If only all of us are more a part of humanity rather than flowing with it.

As of 2010, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with a height of 828m. It is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and I’m sure more of such buildings will be built in the future. Humanity will continue to progress and create things that in the past we can never imagine happening. It just goes to show that humanity can do amazing things if we go all in. If only we have the same enthusiasm when approaching to solve the world’s largest problems.

Text & Conversation

Text & Conversations


The progress of technology has brought new frontiers in the way we communicate with one another. Since the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1849, the way we communicate has changed forever.

I find it funny how texting has become the norm in communication even though in the past, people do not find it at all useful when you can call. However, people of the past did not even comprehend how mainstream texting will turn out to be.

Texting speaks volumes about how introverted humans actually are. We stare behind a screen typing ferociously away on our virtual keyboards sending short messages consisting of symbols and lines that will then be sent to others sharing our thoughts and concerns. The same if not a much more impactful approach would be to pick up the phone and call but instead, we prefer the text.

Texting is synonymous with the way Millennials communicate. We use instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook Chat and so on. We also use texting to coordinate social functions and discuss ideas for a project. Sometimes, we even use texting instead of a doorbell. The question here is, ‘Why are we so obsessed with texting?’

Here’s what I think.

Texting is Simple

The basics that you need to know before you start texting is a basic understanding of Language. I mean, sometimes, you don’t even need to know anything before you can start texting (well… except maybe switching on the phone). Texting is simple, really simple. Just type your message on the virtual keyboard and send it out to a receiver. That’s it, and because of its simplicity, Millennials love it. It removes all the hassle of human to human interaction if the goal is to just send a simple message.

Humans are Innately Introverted

Humans are considered social creatures. We form complex social hierarchies and have complex social interactions within a group. However, even though it is true, we are still innately introverted. We longed to be alone especially after having so many interactions. We longed to just listen to our music and cut off all ties with others and texting helps us to do just that. With texting, we eliminate all forms of body language and vocal interactions leaving up to simple words to convey messages. It removes almost all forms of emotional attachment in a message.Therefore, it helps us to convey information without the need for any personal, emotional interaction.

Humans love to live in their own Time

Unlike calling, texts received are not obliged to be replied immediately. This might be why Millennials love it so much. Unlike calling where one has to reply and think on his feet about the questions that might be asked by the other party, texting allows us to have time and space to ponder and think about the answers we want to give. We feel more in control of our time and the conversations we are having during a period of time. With a much higher sense of control, it is inevitable that we turn to texting whenever we can.

Like I’ve said before, texting is currently a fundamental way we communicate. However, with new upgrades and new inventions, the way we text will inevitably change.

Texting might be a bland and a direct way of communication while removing almost all aspects of social interaction. However, the current trend of texting seems to become more emotionally expressive over time. With the creation of emoticons, then to emojis and then to who-knows-what, the way we text is steadily changing. With emoticons and emojis, our once bland and boring texts are now more emotionally expressive. It is funny how a balance of emotional expressiveness and introversion have been achieved. So, the question is, what’s next in communication?

Currently, social media is playing a huge role in human interaction. With the invention of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, the way we have conversations with people have completely changed. Like texting, social media provides the same value, like simplicity and without any real-time obligation to answer, we are able to communicate at our own pace and whenever we like to. I think that’s the future of communication and human conversation.