I have ideas…

But I need to find a way to materialise and realise them.

For now, I’m just a bag of ideas, possible things that COULD be done.

Currently, I think that is what I’m lacking of, a definite timeline for my ideas to be realised.

Sometimes, I can get so caught up in generating ideas that I forget about the practicality of them.

Talking is easy, doing the work isn’t.


Reflecting On Yourself

One of my most favourite activity is to sit and ponder, not really meditation but just to put everything aside, sit down and reflect on everything that has happened in my life. It is especially uplifting and soothing when I do it right after my afternoon shower, to have only the whirring of the fan and the quiet of the evening to accompany me. Whenever I sit down and think, there are always a few things that I would reflect on. They are my accomplishments, my future and my life. I will think about the tasks that I have completed and whether they played a part in achieving any one of my goals. With regards to my future, I will think about how far will I go if I stayed on my current path and I can say that it has helped me to stay focused. I will also think about my life as a whole whether I have hurt anyone, whether I had done the right thing and whether the decisions that I have made were the best ones. By reflecting, it helps me to re-evaluate myself and through the mistakes or failures, I learn.

To have the time to sit down and think is a luxury especially in our current era full of distractions. Therefore, I really do cherish and appreciate the time I have to think.

In all the time I had spent reflecting. I have learnt a lot about myself. I was also able to get some closure on the mistakes I had done in the past and accept and learn from them.

It might not be easy to just start thinking and pondering the first time but I promise you that the more you do it, the easier it will be. You will start to understand how important it is to have time for yourself to just reflect and once the benefits come, you will not take it for granted.

The Devil Whispers

The devil drifts towards you as you stare blankly, wondering whether it is right. The devil pulls your ear by the lobe and whispers, telling you to go ahead and do it. He speaks of promises of no harm and sings promises of pleasure and enjoyment. He attempt to convince you with words dipped in honey and sprinkled with sugar. The devil whispers about how other people are doing it and you should do it too. He whispers doubts in your heart, making you question your every move.

You looked and began to hesitate. You tried to think about the possible consequences of doing it but the devil’s whispers cloud your judgement. It becomes harder to think clearly. The promises from the lips of the devil ring in your brain, the thoughts of pleasure and happiness fills your mind, slowly and steadily pushing you to commit the sin. However, for a brief moment, it seemed that you were able to think clearly, to think to pass the whispers of the devil but as quickly as you tried to walk away from it, the devil whispers again, reminding you of the great wonders that could happen.

Slowly but surely, your heart begins to be tainted with darkness, it begins to fill with the urge and your mind starts to wander. Your imagination starts to run wild, creating images of what it would be like to commit it. Soon after, you start to form excuses and tried to convince yourself that what you will be doing is right. You tried to convince yourself that nothing bad would happen. Slowly, you took a step forward, then followed by another. You walked towards the sin while at the same time, the devil began to speak louder in your ear, almost a raised voice. He sings of pleasure and happiness and you began to believe its sugar-coated words. Your mind starts to race and before long, you convinced yourself enough that you decided to do it anyway.

You did it. You committed the sin. Soon after, a sense of regret seems to creep on you like death dragging you down to your grave. You start feeling disgraced and destroyed; you felt defeated too. However, the good thing is, the whispers are gone. Your muddled mind starts to clear but like a flash, the realisation of what you have done comes smacking into your face. You looked in horror at what you have done. You fell to your knees, staring at your hands, hands that did the sin. You began to shiver as you cover your face with your hands, crying and gasping in horror. Tears began to stream down your cheeks leaving being salty streaks on your face. You felt defeated as you sat there in the outcome of your sins.