Days Like These

It is unfortunate that there is a limit to mental stamina.

One cannot go for long hours of studying without feeling exhausted and irritated.

In my case, I’d get annoyed or frustrated easily when I had studied for long hours and that is the sign that I need to take a long break.

It is days like these that I realised that there is never enough time in a day.

When we include the time it takes to eat, to shower, to exercise, to rest and all the other miscellaneous activities, the actual time left to do actual work – in my case which is to study – is short.

Well. This is life isn’t it?


Taking things for granted

Don’t take things for granted.

Especially your loved ones.

No one here lives forever, not even your family and friends.

One day, they might be there smiling and laughing with you,

And the next hour,

They might be lying cold on their beds.

Do you know why we experience so much pain when a loved one dies?

Because their existence becomes a memory,

A thing of the past.

They are no longer tangible.

We are unable to hear their voices, feel the heat from their skin, or receive the warmth of their love.

All of that becomes a memory,

And memories can be forgotten.

We are so afraid that we would lose all of that,

We are afraid that we would forget about them,

And how people might forget about us when we die.


Do you know who your grandparents are from 5 generations ago?

What about your great-grandparents?


It is precisely something like that that we are really afraid of.

Living a life that would just be forgotten.

Just like how memories can be forgotten.


Living Long is Boring

Everywhere you look there will always be an advertisement featuring a product that claims would make you look younger, fresher, healthier. There is also a rising trend in people getting botox on their faces or going under the knife just to make themselves look youthful. However, this trend of ‘youthification’ of society is not only happening in the cosmetics sector but also in the research community.

I’m taking a module in university about the ‘Mysteries of Ageing’. It is more of a seminar rather. We talk and discuss the factors that affect ageing and the ways scientists could tackle it. However, throughout the lessons, I came to question, why would anyone want to live longer and how much longer?

Let us take this scenario for example. Imagine one day, you are told that you are blessed with the gift of living till the age of 200. Assuming that your health remains the same as of now, what would you do with all that time? Keep in mind that life still goes on as per normal. You would still need to pay the bills and probably work.

Would you party your life away? Travel around the world? Read all the books in the world? Gather as much knowledge about the cultures and languages all over the world? How would you spend all of that time?

When will it start to get boring and repetitive?

Personally, I would not want to live till 200 or even till 150 because it quickly gets boring. It is not possible for one to travel throughout those 200 years or party or read books. It will get mundane and repetitive over time.

Sometimes less is more.

By living a shorter life, one is able to cherish the moments better. Each moment that happened in your life is a larger percentage when you live until the age of 80 compared to living until the age of 200. Each moment would be so much more meaningful.

Furthermore, I believe that this world is not able to entertain and pleasure us forever. It is a world with limits and I guess, once I’m done with my time here, it would be best to move on instead of living longer than I have to.

Why do I put my story out there?

Everybody has a story and everybody has their own way of recording their story.

My blog is the book where my story lies. A digital document that (I hope) could stand the test of time. An immortalisation of my existence. In it are pages upon pages of thoughts and ideas, conversations and discussions. By reading it, you can enter my brain and explore the deep emotions that I felt at that moment in time.

You can enter an delve through the monologues I have with myself, the opinions that I couldn’t wait to share with the world.

Blogging is a way for me to archive myself just like how an editor archives his past work. I am after all, a work in progress.

I don’t blog privately. I want to share my life with the world, to allow the world to listen to my opinions, thoughts, dreams and emotions. To allow the world to enter my heart and delve through my memories.

And I hope you do.

I believe that stories are meant to be shared and meant to be told. What is the point of stories if no one is there to read them?


We all know that one person…

We all know that one person who is always better than us in everything that we do. That person is always one step ahead of you, and you’re always left behind in the dust.

That person has the talent, the skills to beat you and that person will always use them against you.

You tried ever so hard to beat him, to put him behind you but all seems futile.

You feel like giving up.

But there’s something that could equalise the game, something that all of us can do but something that not all of us will do.

It is hard work.

Only through hard work and the obsession to chase after the No. 1 will we finally be able to equalise the playing field.

It can be tough, rather, it will be tough but for people like us with no skills and talents, it is the only way for us to reach the top and to be the best in whatever that we do.

It is a sad reality, but it is the reality.

I have no skills nor talents. I have no superior memory nor am I born a genius. I have to put every minuscule amount of hard work into what I am doing to be better. I know it doesn’t come easy, but what else can I do?

The Bridge to our Dreams


Let me confess something. I love to daydream.

I love to daydream about my future, the opportunities I will receive, the successes that I will achieve, the life that I will lead.

I love to daydream about the girl who will be my wife, the children that I will have, the home that I will build.

I love to daydream about the happiness that I will have, the love that I will share, the blessed life ahead.

I love to daydream about all of that but that’s where I stop. I pull myself back into reality, grasping, and pulling, every inch of my muscle working hard trying to prevent chaos from happening.

I understood the circumstances that will come, the cost that has to be paid when I let myself out for too long, where the soul might never return.

Even though I love to daydream, reality is still the reality.

Daydream is a path bridging the worlds of reality and dreams but one has to remain grounded and understand that the only way to successfully cross that bridge is through their hard work and determination in reality.

I understood that and I will continue to persevere so that I can cross that bridge one day.


All of us know the pain of starting again, the amount of effort we need to take that first step.

But all of us also know the ease that comes after that first step.

Like the start of a new exercise routine, one has to put in a lot of effort to attend that first gym session or to eat healthily but after a while, as momentum begins to pick up, the task becomes automated, instinctive and easy.

We can apply that thought process for almost every new thing that we want to embark on.

Instead of dreading that first step and the assumed ‘pain’ that comes with it, just do it. Take that first step and push forward.

Build that momentum up and soon you will realise that everything would be easy.

I am building up that momentum for my university and I am especially struggling with the change of pace and lifestyle. However, I know that once I’ve properly built the necessary foundations, everything will feed off of that momentum and go full automatic.

So, put off that thought of dread and ‘suffering’. Just take that first step.