I think imagination and creativity are like wells that need to constantly be filled from an outside source. The way we can feed it is through reading, watching, thinking, writing and pondering.

I haven’t had much inspiration as of late and it has been a while since I have been on a week long hiatus from posting photographs/stories on Instagram. If today hadn’t been a day for my publicity team to release some content, I believe I might not have posted anything for another week or two.

Currently, my brain is just void of any ideas, stories and concepts. Maybe it is just mentally drained from the chaos from the first week of school or maybe it is because I’m still trying to tie some loose ends before the semester picks up speed.

Whatever it is, I need to get my sh** together quickly.

I hate the feeling of the lack of creativity and even though making videos is a type of creative outlet for me, it doesn’t trigger my brain as much as writing or reading does.

I need to focus on putting more concepts into my mind, playing around with ideas and stories, and maybe soon, I’d get a eureka moment for a story.


Stories for Imagination

You know what I want to be able to do when I am at the age of 60+?

I would want to be able to tell stories to my children and grandchildren. I would want to be able to share with them stories of my adventures, the wonderful and amazing things I did. I would want to be able to tell them the stories about the people, the cultures and the places that I had visited. I would want to bring my children and grandchildren joy as I tell them these stories, to make their eyes open wide with awe and strive to be even more awesome than I am.

I would want to be able to do all that because I think it would be proof that I had lived life well.

To me, I believe stories are able to open up the imagination, to allow oneself to immerse in a world that is beyond reality, to experience something that they might not ever experience. That is precisely what I want to bring to my children and grandchildren.

But to do all that, I have to live life and throw myself out there to experience whatever the world has to offer.

The Shot of the Night

I held the device in my hand,

It felt heavy,

It felt light,


It felt just right.


A strand of hair,

A wondered stare,


It is not her,

Just a fragment of my imagination,

A memory of a sensation.


The reflection on the window,

The colours of the lights,

Red, Green, Blue, oh, what a sight.



I lifted the device,

It felt just right,

I looked at her through the sight,

And took the shot of the night.