Emotions are Messy

Emotions are messy,

They are not as straightforward,


or precise,

as rationality.

Emotions fluctuate,

never in the same state,

always moving about,

up and down and around.

Emotions are unreliable,

doing things that aren’t subtle,

making you feel things that you know you shouldn’t,

making you do things that you know you couldn’t.

And emotions can betray you,

leaking out your deepest secrets,

when you’re at your weakest,

But knowing best,

that it is a test,

will put your mind at rest,

and may Allah grant you success.





It is Week 3. I still have not gotten myself together.

I’m almost panicking.

Trying to wrap my mind around everything that is happening and trying to structure everything.

It is just so confusing.

I need time. I need loads of time.


“By time,

Indeed, mankind is in loss,

Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.”

– Surah Al-Asr, Quran [103] translated by Sahih International

Nothing humbles us more…

A passing of a young life has always and will always have a profound effect on my emotions no matter who that person is.

It scares me to know that our life can be taken away from us, anytime, anywhere, at any place and if we allow that fear to grow and propagate, we will paralyse ourselves.


By remembering that such a thing will happen to each and every one of us one day will humble us. It will remind us that we are not as powerful, as brave, as healthy, as intelligent, as we think we are.

For me, such an unfortunate loss constantly reminds me of how pathetic we are, how weak we are, how powerless we are in the face of Him. It reminds me of how our miserable lives are at His mercy.

A young life lost is a lesson gained for all of us who are still alive. We can learn so much from the beauty of that young life, from the way they interacted with others, the way they held trust to the will of God, the way they smile, laugh and listen as if they weren’t the ones going. There’s so much we can learn from their mannerisms, their wisdom, and even though amidst their last days, their unyielding youth.

As they move on to their next phase as a creation of God, we might ask, what happens now?

Now, we can pray, seek forgiveness, repent, and supplicate. We can be aware of who we are and what we want to achieve in this life that will never last. We can realise that dream, our dream.

Understand your purpose, be kind, be good, be humble.



Seeking Repentance

The sins that we carry on our shoulders, the wrongs that we do every single day of our lives, can only be lifted when we seek repentance.

However, sometimes, it is easier said than done.

Seeking repentance is just the beginning of a whole journey that will bring you through small successes and sometimes, major failures.

I’m sure all of us have experienced the utter disappointment in our hearts when we relapsed a bad habit. Sometimes, that feeling will bring us to the point where we almost want to give up.

So, should we give in and give up?


In Islam, we believe that all of our prayers will be answered one way or another. However, they differ in the ways that it can be answered.

What we can and should do is to make an intention to repent, pray to Allah SWT and have deep and strong faith that he listened and that he will reply.

He will assist you in what you are searching for if you are sincere in your repentance.

Maybe I have doubted the power of a supplication all this while and maybe what I can do now is to have renewed faith and be more conscious of my intentions, especially those related to repentance.

Do I really want to repent?


Make Your Parents Smile

Narrated Abdullah ibn Amribn al-‘As: A man came to the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) and said: I came to you to take the oath of allegiance to you on emigration, and I left my parents weeping. He (the Prophet) said: Return to them and make them laugh as you made them weep.
Sunan of Abu-Dawood – Book 14 Hadith 2522

No matter what your beliefs are, I believe that all of us can learn a thing or two from this hadith after the rights of your parents.

Parents come first. Many of us in this day and age tends to forget that.

We push them aside thinking that they are annoying, naggy, not up to our expectations and so on…

However, we have forgotten that they were the ones who brought us into this world, they were the ones that feed and protect us when we were weak and powerless. They sacrificed their lives to raising us.

But no, we have forgotten all of that. We put their happiness secondary and put ours first.

I know, I have been saying that all of us should strive for our dreams despite what others say but that does not mean that we push our parents’ dreams for us aside. We should talk to them, communicate and reach a common ground. They at least deserve that.

Their happiness comes first and I cannot stress that enough. We should strive to make them happy as long as they are alive. We owe them that.

I’m sure, when we become parents, we would want our children to be the coolness of our eyes. We want them to make us happy. So, shouldn’t we do the same for our parents?

What Are Your Intentions?

I’m part of a committee in a society that deals with the spreading of the good of Islam. In that committee, almost every day, we are advised to make our intentions clear and ensure that it is right.

A good example would be the intention to enrol into university. If your intention is to graduate with a degree and learn as much as possible in university, that is a right intention whereas, if your intention is to party and have fun in university, that might not be right and thus, you might suffer the consequences.

Thus, I made it a habit to ensure that my intention of doing something is clear and proper and you should too.


Keep In Mind

Today is Hari Raya, also known as Eid in the Islamic world.

As we celebrate the holiday, I would like to ask for all of us to keep in mind the people that are less fortunate, the people that are suffering, the people that are struggling in every part of the world. I want to ask for all of us to remember the deeds and lessons that we learnt in Ramadan and continue to apply them in our everyday lives.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to buy new clothes every year, to have a feast every year and to be able to afford decorations every year, do keep in mind that we are not rich except by the grace of Allah SWT.

I do apologise that this is not a typical blog post.

To my Non-Muslim brothers and sisters, I wish you well and enjoy the day with your family and friends, enjoy the day and keep in mind that humans don’t last long. Appreciate their presence and their smiles.

To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I wish all of you a Selamat Hari Raya (Eid Mubarak)!