Living like we’re dying

Living like we’re dying.

I’m pretty sure most of us have heard that phrase being thrown around. Especially during times of stress or when people give you advice.

They would say, “We should live like we’re dying because we will never know when we’re going to die.”


“You might not have another chance, GO LIVE LIKE YOU’RE DYING!”

But, is it right for us to live like we’re dying? Is it even possible for us to live like our lives are in a constant struggle?

That would lead to some really bad choices, wouldn’t it?

I mean, in the case of terminal illness whereby the doctor tells you that they don’t know how long you have left or that you only have X months left, wouldn’t the phrase, “Living like we’re dying” have a more legitimate reason?

However, in actual fact, even healthy people like us don’t really know how long we have left. The unexpectedness of death is just inevitable. Should we then lead our lives as if we’re dying?

Maybe there is a balance to be struck here. A balance between enjoying ourselves like it is our last and a balance of making rational decisions.

But to figure out which spectrum of ‘living’ we should be is a case-by-case basis.

Ultimately, we need to get used to the idea of death and how real it is. This does not me acclimatise ourselves, to numb ourselves of the idea of death, but instead to accept it as the inevitability of life itself, to know that it is happening and find comfort that everyone till the end of time will experience it with you.

P.S. I guess the fear of death stems from the fear of missing out (FOMO). We fear that by dying we might miss out on a lot in this world. We fear that we might leave this life without truly living, without truly experiencing the fullness and wholeness of life.

To accept that is something that I will let you ponder on.

You’re Gonna Die

“You’re Gonna Die?” asked my friend as he looked at me with a puzzled face.

“Yeah,” I replied.

He was actually talking about my homepage wallpaper which has the words “You’re gonna die” written clearly on the screen. It was a wallpaper by Gary Vaynerchuk.

That question was brought up multiple times and every single time, it was accompanied with a face of curiosity and confusion.


My homepage wallpaper.


Yes. Yes. A pretty bleak statement. I know. But I guess, I love it. I just love the thought of it, the darkness of that statement, knowing that you’re going to die at any moment. A reminder that you need to put in your best in everything that you do.

Whenever I see that line, every time I look at my phone, it reminds me of the shortness of life, of our own mortality, and that we have to face it one day.

It reminds me to always put in my best in everything that I do and to remember that that might be the last time that I’ll be doing it. Because, who knows how long we’ll live.

I love the bleakness of the message, succinct and clean. A tight slap to my face for it is true and the only definite fact that we will have in our lives. No fluff, no nothing. Just the truth.

I guess this kind of motivation doesn’t suit everyone but it does help me. Hope that answers your question.



I’m currently having this wild idea of becoming a journalist.

“Wild? Why do you say that?” said some random voice in my mind.

Well, I know I love to write, or blogging to be more precise. I also love to take photographs and tell stories about things I see, hear and observe but to be a journalist, you have to be good. You have to be something more than just an amateur blogger on the internet.

I mean, so far, that seems to be the path that I’m on, the path to becoming an amateur creator. Not a scientist, not an engineer, but a creator. A person who is passionate about contextualising ideas and developing it into something concrete, a product of some sort.

Anyway, I just can’t help but wonder about the skills I have or lack thereof. I mean, there are many others that are just super talented and by comparing myself to them, I’m sorely lagging behind.

I am learning and definitely during the summer holidays, I will hone my skills.

Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Fear of Authority

Losing myself.

There are many things going for me. Many good things.

However, I can’t help but wonder whether I’m acting the part.

Titles placed upon a person can change the way a person act, respond and even change the way they carry themselves. One good example is the Stanford Prison Experiment, the famed experiment that went out-of-hand too quickly that it had to be stopped prematurely. It shows just how quickly a title can change someone.

Especially so if you’re placed in a position of authority.

I’m not placed in the position of authority, maybe not yet but I can’t help but ponder about whether I can emulate what that position requires me to be.

I’m fearful because I wasn’t a good officer in NS. I failed to carry my role well, to emulate what being an officer actually meant. It was a learning point for me. Thus, if I were to get a position equivalent to that, I fear that I might not do a good job.

I don’t know. So far, I had only one experience, Head of Publicity for IAS2017. However, that was minor compared to what might be handed over to me one day.


Let me just do my best and not be afraid to ask for help.


Head in the Game

I’m in the midst of writing a long form post for IAS2017. However, I would require more time to complete it. Furthermore, it would include photographs and such and thus, would really require time for it to be a good one. One that encapsulates my experience in IAS2017 as a whole.

Anyway, I did not really do much today and I realised that the stagnation stresses me out. I have this intense need to study every single time and if I don’t (like during my peak busy periods), I’ll stress the hell out.

But I did not study today for something understandable and thus, I shall attempt to shrug it off.

Anyway, I still have much to learn in the art of saying ‘No’. Just a thought.

I have 2 mid-terms left and I somehow have this emotion of elation and excitement as if Finals have already ended. I need to put my head back in the game and focus on these two examinations that are slowly creeping in.

Let the hustle reignite.

Third Month of 2017

Hold on to your seats! We are nearing the third month of 2017!

Such fast! Such time! Whatttttt!

It truly felt as if time flew past by too quickly. I still have yet to get my bearings right though I’m glad I can finally allocate more time to my studies.

Unfortunately, however, my mid-terms are coming up next week and 5 weeks-ish after that would be my Finals thus, there really isn’t much time to waste.

I guess this post is just to check in with what I have achieved thus far, to reflect on the two months that had passed.

I’m sure some of you already know that I set New Year’s Resolutions. This year, however, is just an extension of last year’s which is to continue to improve my creative skills and be more proactive in seeking out knowledge and volunteering. So, I did just that. In the first two months (more of a continuation of last year), I was a part of Islam Awareness Series 2017 and coming soon, Rihlah 1438H. Both I consider as volunteering. I also joined FOC 2017 (I just couldn’t resist) which is currently in its planning stages.

I’m still pretty active in Silat (hmm… though fitness has yet to improve). However, I’ve begun to neglect my powerlifting training, pushing time and effort into the ad-hocs and my studies.

Deep down, I guess what I’m trying to find are opportunities, opportunities to go higher in university and in life, opportunities that will make me into a better person and bring me closer to my dream.

Well, all of that looks fine and dandy but I have to always remind myself that I’m a student first and studies should always be prioritised.


Just a small update on lifestyle. I’m still trying to get a hang on the long days and short nights (coffee helps a bit). With regards to creativity, I’m falling short and missed an amazing opportunity to shoot for a competition because of the upcoming examinations. However, I’m sure there’ll be much more to come.

Exercise is currently on a seesaw. Fitness dropping, stamina too. I would need to revise on my scheduling.

I guess that’s all for now. I have a few projects coming soon and I will keep this blog updated.

It’s All About The Hustle. Always.



Mirror, Mirror, Who Am I?

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

What does the reflection tell you about the person you’re looking at?

Is that you or is that a shadow of the person who could’ve been you?

Who is that person looking back at you?

When I look into the mirror, I see a person of capabilities, a person with talents just waiting to be realised. I also see a person who had shortchanged himself, a person who took things for granted, a person who is just a shadow of what he could’ve been if he had worked harder.

And it disappoints me… every day.