It is not about being famous…

But it is your intention that should drive the work that you do.


I’ve recently watched the video above which is part of a series by Chase Jarvis called “30 Days of Genius” (everyone should watch it).

This was a particular interview with Seth Godin who achieved many great things throughout his life thus far. In his interview, he talked about how it is important to know what you are doing something. He urged us to think about the intention of our work, especially in the creative world. We shouldn’t aim to be famous but aim to put work that matters.

He talked about permission marketing and the goal of a marketer or a creator is to not be tolerated but to be missed when they’re gone. E.g. instead of shouting and constantly advertising a particular product (people tolerate this), but instead, one should strive to produce quality content that people will miss when it is gone.

And that is only half of the video.

Seth Godin dropped wonderful advice that I believe is applicable to all of us, creators or not. Therefore, I urge everyone to watch the video.

I am working on trying to do just that in my creative work. 🙂

Mr. Feynman, An Inspiration

I just watched a video about Richard Feynman, the renowned physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate.

One major thing that I took away from the video is his personality of being amazed and interest in the world. Even as one of the most intelligent man of his time, Feynman still let his personality loose, playing pranks and making jokes. He was amazed by the world, wanting to learn whatever that interests him and going all in.

The most inspiring thing about him was that he did not let the criticisms of people decide what he can or cannot do. His actions are boundless and raw, doing things in ways that are usually considered unorthodox. It is because he had an immense level of self-respect and self-awareness. He knows how great he was and took comfort in that.

Honestly, I aspire to be a fraction of what Feynman was, to be able to have fun while in the search of knowledge and to be able to be a wonderful communicator, spreading knowledge in ways that can be understood by anyone. His zest for life and passion in what he did is inspiring.

“I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there.”
– Richard Feynman

Days Like These

It is unfortunate that there is a limit to mental stamina.

One cannot go for long hours of studying without feeling exhausted and irritated.

In my case, I’d get annoyed or frustrated easily when I had studied for long hours and that is the sign that I need to take a long break.

It is days like these that I realised that there is never enough time in a day.

When we include the time it takes to eat, to shower, to exercise, to rest and all the other miscellaneous activities, the actual time left to do actual work – in my case which is to study – is short.

Well. This is life isn’t it?


Let’s talk.

Tonight, I’m going to be frank with you.

Recently, self-doubt has slowing been creeping up on me. I started to question my capabilities, my efforts and my strengths.

I began to question whether I am able to do this student thing, whether I am able to succeed in it, and whether I’m putting enough effort like the rest of the students.

I feel as if my life is slowly breaking apart.

I don’t feel motivated as of late. Instead, I feel frustrated and disappointed. Every single day seemed to be yet another worthless, unproductive one.

Furthermore, everybody else seems to be doing better than myself.

I haven’t met any of my expectations and every single thing that I do is followed by an unwavering sense of disappointment.

I’m slowly being crushed, not by work, but by my inability to control my own mind and body.

Honestly, I just don’t know what works anymore. Exercise, coffee, sleep, whatever.

A day is no longer enough to complete anything and I’m frustrated because of that.

I need to get my sh*t back together, and soon.

Honestly, I can tell myself that for millions of times but it is very unlikely that in the next few posts I’d get my life back together.


Chasing an Education

Jobs are harder to find,

Degrees are rapidly decreasing in value,

Graduates struggle to make ends meet.

So, is there any purpose in pursuing an education?

Well, I believe that it truly depends.

In my case, I pursue an education because I am fascinated in the subject. I am curious about learning the inner workings of Biology and reaching a level whereby I am able to truly understand the complexities of Life.

I did not enrol into a university so that I can get a job in the future but because of the deep interest I have in the subject and I think that that should be the reason why we pursue an education.

At the end of the day, I believe that our intention matters because ultimately, you have to weigh the pros and the cons of getting an education. Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars on an education that does not promise you a stable career after or would you rather spend that money to build something for yourself?

Sometimes, we make a decision to enter university because it seemed to be the right path to take but have we ever pondered if it is truly beneficial for us in the first place?

Stop letting that herd mentality affect you but find and truly understand the reason you’re chasing an education.

Degrees aren’t everything.

The Fear of Screwing Up

I think all of us, no matter how old we are or where we come from, share this single fear: The Fear of Screwing Up.

We hate screwing up. We hate it when we make mistakes. We hate it when we prepared so much for something, like a presentation, and we completely made a mess out of it.

We hate screwing up. We hate the thought of embarrassing ourselves in front of a crowd. We hate the feeling of hopeless and despair as we are forced to sit through the failure.

We hate it because our capabilities are questioned when we do screw up.

We just don’t want to screw up.

But what can we do?

We are human, prone to error and failure.

Screwing up is in us.

What we need to change is the attitude towards people that did screw up. Be empathetic, know that you might have been in that person’s position.