Restart over.

You know, most of the time, I hope that the blog post I write is a one time wonder, meaning, to just write once and get it over and done with.

However, sometimes it isn’t, like this one.

It took me several starting sentences which I then proceeded to delete them. Why? Because I just couldn’t continue on that train of thought. I mean, I had the idea of what to write but no real concrete structure to what I wanted to write.

The easy days are those that allowed me to vomit out a post that is beautifully structured, precise and clean.

But today wasn’t one of those days.

Anyway, what I just wanted to say is that I had a hard time thinking of what to write. Inspiration hasn’t struck me yet. Or should I strike inspiration? (Hmm…)

I guess, sometimes, we just have to restart over and over again. To begin from scratch and maybe, we can get a better result than before.

Oh well.

A quick update: I watched Hacksaw Ridge yesterday and even though I am right to suspect overdramatization and the like, the acts of Desmond Doss is nothing short of heroic and pure bravery.




Circularity of Time

What if you can see your future?

What if time is fluid i.e. the past is the present, the present is the future, the future is the past?

What if you can never change the future?

I wondered about this question and the mindblowing nature of it after watching ‘Arrival’.

Being a fan of sci-fi, I have to say that that movie blew my mind away. The beauty of how they marry physics and linguistics is just amazing especially to a nerd like me.

Anyway, going back to the point of this post. What would you do if you know your future assuming that you can never change it?

Knowing that every action that you do has already been predestined for you? What about the concept of free will?

Think about it and if you haven’t watched the movie, I recommend you to for it will blow your mind.

Happiness Can Be Simple

Yesterday, I went to watch ‘Me Before You’ starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin and it was beautiful. Without giving you any spoilers, I find that the story is cute and sometimes heart-breaking. ‘Me Before You’ is about a girl, Louisa Clark (played by Emilia Clarke) who was hired as a caretaker for William Traynor (played by Sam Claflin) who suffered a spinal injury after an accident causing him to be paralysed from the neck down. A romance developed between them as Louisa Clark tried her very best to make William Traynor change his mind when she found out that he wanted to have euthanasia.

To me, Louisa Clark struck me as a confident person who is completely comfortable with the way she is and she exudes the complete meaning of being self-aware. She understood that she might not be the brightest person out there and she learnt to accept that. Instead, she bet on her strengths: family-oriented, loving, do not care about the opinions of others and hard-working. She helped her family where she can by sacrificing her studies to work, she love helping others and treated them kindly, she embraced her weird fashion sense without the care about what others think and she hustles her way into completing tasks ensuring that they are done the best she could, completely contented with what she does.

Even though she might not have the world, she is completely contented with the way she is and that amazes me because that is what I believe happiness is all about. Happiness is not about the amount of money you make, or the number of houses you own, or the places that you are able to visit but happiness is about being completely appreciative of what you have and doing the things that you love. Be it running, or reading, or spending time with your family, if that is what makes you happy, do it.

We need to stop chasing the material world when we want to be truly happy. Just do what you love and nothing else. It is possible to be contented with the simplest of things!