Your North Star

Many of us are wandering about our existence with no sense of purpose. We are like molecules colliding into one another, reacting. It is like we are just biding our time on Earth, existing for the sake of it. We go to school because we have to, we work because we have to and we settle down because we have to.

But is that the only way for us to navigate life?

Deep inside, all of us have that North Star that we are striving for, that goal that we want to achieve before we pass on.

But we buried it deep inside for a long time because…

We are afraid.

Afraid of the consequences that might come from failing,

Afraid of how stupid we might look,

Afraid of overestimating our own capabilities.

That fear deep within stops us from truly ever living life,

That fear that stops us from maximising our potential,

And that fear needs to be stopped.

Because remember, nothing great will come from flowing, colliding and just reacting.

And to achieve greatness one have to step out and put their minds to work.

Elon Musk created Tesla and SpaceX,

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook,

Steve Jobs created Apple,

All of them had haters,

But they did it anyway.

They put that fear aside and did it anyway,

Because they had a North Star.

They have a goal that they want to achieve and they strived for it no matter what anybody say.

So, what is your North Star?

That ultimate goal that you want to achieve in the end?

The purpose of life is our North Star. It should be our prime motivation for everything that we do every single day. Remember, we live once and we can die at any time so, we better start chasing that dream now.