Children question.

Why don’t we?

Philosophers have been questioning things since the beginning but whether or not that brings any value to society is not the point.

However, there is actually value to asking questions itself.

To ask questions is to show that we are curious about something. Children ask questions. And a lot of them. They ask possibly because they’re curious about how the world works, their eyes trying to swallow the information that is fed to them, their brains trying to make sense of it all.

By asking questions, they are able to structure things, categorise things, understand things on how they function and why they function the way they do.

But, how do we reap the benefits of questioning?

For me, questioning reveals gaps in my knowledge and to bridge that gap, I attempted to seek knowledge by asking. Thus, it allows us to solidify the things we are learning, to ensure that we understand what we are learning.

Questioning also develops the mind for creativity. Creativity is an abstract thing and so is questioning. One can question till the end of time asking countless things from the purpose of the universe until the cause of an itch. But by questioning, one gets to reach out to all of these possibilities and abstract thinking sparking creativity.

Questioning like a child might be an important skill for adults like us after all.


There’s something missing

To be honest, I feel as if I have something missing from my life. Something that I had once before but somehow, I’ve lost it along the way.

I realised this when my days are no longer structured, I spent most of my time procrastinating and feeling really lazy and unmotivated. I also became less creative. Today was such a day.

I realised that I’ve somehow lost that drive that I used to have.

Is it because I lacked purpose or is it because I lacked external inputs of hustle and creativity?

I honestly don’t know.

However, what I can say is this. The abundance of time that I have every single day is not helping at all. My mind is in a constant battle of either to do something productive or to laze around and procrastinate.

The latter will usually win.

A possible cause might be that I currently lacked deep human interaction. If you do not know yet, I thrive on having deep conversations with people, talking about life, dreaming and playing thought experiments. The holidays isn’t helping. Even though I do interact with people, they are usually one-dimensional conversations that are on the surface and never deeper. Usually, it is about meetings or something superficial. It doesn’t feed my need to have intense philosophical conversations.

Well, I don’t know. Now, I’m watching previously watched videos by Chase Jarvis, ’30 Days of Genius’. Maybe, it will help give me some insight to what I’ve lost and maybe, help to feed the motivation that I sorely needed.