An Outlet for Creativity

I bought a GoPro today.

GoPro HERO 5 Black and so far, I am very much amazed by its capabilities!

I bought this camera because it opens up a huge area for me to practise my creativity, in terms of photography and videography.

I have been using one SLR camera for about 5 years now and since I’ve started using it much more frequently, it became a hassle to capture fast-paced events which called for the need to buy a GoPro.

Honestly, I am really excited to use it and I can’t wait to see what amazing shots I can get!


Something new?

I’m coming up with something new.

Possibly a revamp of this site and my whole outlook towards my creative projects.

I think I am going to go serious.

Serious in the sense that I’m going to tighten all the loose ends of my social medias and creative outlets and set a new front.


But first, I need time.

I can’t wait to begin.

Life’s Moving Too Fast

Have you ever felt that time just passes by so fast?

Like in a blink of an eye, the events that I have been waiting for all year just whizzed past, it came and it left.

My stint in National Service ended about 5 months ago, 2 years of my life flew right by.

5 months of holidays ended today, 5 months of doing whatever I want, ended in what felt like a split second.

The ORD trip to Krabi flew by, Ramadan whizzed past, Eid came and went, Freshmen Orientation Camps done and dusted.

It almost felt as if those events did not really happen, it even felt as if they were just a fragment of my imagination.

I’m glad that we live in this era where photographs and videos are the norm, where we are able to capture memories and events that we love, immortalising them because if not for photographs, I would even convince myself that those events that pass by didn’t really happen.

Maybe it is just me.

I believe that we need to learn to experience the moment itself as it is happening and not to be caught up by documenting the event/memory through video and photographs. However, this does not mean that we totally abandon documenting. Instead, prioritise experiencing the moment over the photo or the video.

All those events that I’ve experienced left me with a wonderful memory that I can keep. A memory that cannot be seen or heard in photographs or videos but a memory that my mind personally keeps. Those photographs and videos are just but a supplement to my memory, a way for me to relive the moment and recall all those that I’ve experienced.

I’m Into It Right Now

I’m into the art of taking photographs right now that I’ve been taking them for almost every single day.

I love how you could capture people in the moment, capturing a person in mid laughter, or those sneaky smiles at the camera, or those moments in conscious thought, those candid shots are always my favourite.

However, school is starting soon and I will not be able to be roaming about as free as I was before. Therefore, I have decided to go out and take photographs at least once per week as a way to destress myself and just enjoy the outside.

I guess that’s a good idea.

Here are some of my most recent shots:

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Haji Lane, Singapore
Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Singapore Zoo, Singapore
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Palawan Beach, Sentosa, Singapore
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Palawan Beach, Sentosa, Singapore


I’m still an amateur but I’m so enjoying it! 😀



I love to take photographs. The ability to capture a moment into foreverness, the ability to still time into a physical artefact, the ability to keep a memory fascinates me.

I have been practising my skills in photography and though I still have much to learn, I enjoyed the process every bit of the way.

It is something fun, something I believe I would continue doing for a long time.

For now, it is my hobby, an interest that I will continue pursuing.

What is yours?