We Better Put In The Work

I think this is more of a reminder for me than for any of you that is reading this.

I need to remind myself countless times throughout the day that whatever I am doing now must have an ROI for my future, if not, it is not worth it. Most of the time, I would procrastinate and shift my attention to something less important and recently, it has become more difficult to shift my attention away. It is a problem that I am still struggling. However, I have decided to take a step back and review my life once again, an activity that I highly suggest all of you to do.

I realised that over time, I have become less motivated in what I do, not really putting in the time and effort to complete a task. Also, over time, my routine has slowly broken down by bits and pieces and now, what is left is a pile of nothingness. Some of you might have the same problem, occasionally getting distracted by the most basic things like social media and thus, getting our work affected but I guess that is part of having an independent life where everything from the time to wake up to what to eat for dinner is all up to us. Therefore, it is also up to us to audit our lives and fix what is causing the problem.

For me, the problem was the loss of a strict routine. Without it, my life is in a mess. I had no direct idea on what to do next or what to expect. That is what I need to fix as soon as possible.

How we use our time might be the only thing that we have full control over. We can use it to do productive work or we can use it to procrastinate, it is all up to us. Therefore, I would always remind myself to put in the work or I will regret it in the future.


Don’t Blame Others

Sometimes we just want to take the easy way out and blame others.

Many of us are guilty of this. Remember that goal that you failed to achieve? The one about losing weight? Yeah? What did you blame? I am sure you blamed the weather for being too hot to exercise or work for making you feel so tired that you cannot exercise. We did something wrong and we take the easy way out and put the blame on someone or something else like the environment, not having enough supplies or that intern but instead, the one who should be blamed is yourself.

We do not to want to take responsibility for our own failures because it is tough. It is tough to see ourselves as a failure who can never achieve what we set out to do and it is so much easier to blame someone or something else. However, we need to wake up and realise that most of the time, it is our fault for not accomplishing a goal.

It is our fault that we procrastinate. It is our fault that we felt lazy and stayed in bed. It is our fault to think that ‘later’ would be a better time to do it. So, start realising that as difficult as it may be to accept, most of the time, it is our fault.

We can do something about it and that to finally achieve that goal that we have always wanted, the first step is to accept being at fault.