The Fall of Aleppo

I just can’t. Honestly, my heart slowly breaks apart into a million pieces as I watch these videos. I’m distraught, waking up to such terrible news, to such a massacre that we have allowed to happen on this beautiful planet.

There was a time when I thought humanity could pull through this, could finally make a difference but I guess, it was a time that has long passed.

People die every single day but it seems that some deaths are more meaningless than others. These people do not deserve to die, these people do not deserve to be exterminated in a way that is worse than animals.

But unfortunately, we can’t do anything, can we?

As we sit here in the comfort of our homes and as those trapped civilians huddle together in a basement somewhere, the politicians are laughing, smiling and celebrating. I’m sure they’re happy with what they have done. A massacre, an extermination.

Let’s put aside petty differences such as ideologies, race, religion and language and look into their eyes and know that they are human just like us. If you cannot empathise¬†with them on that basis, I don’t know what will.

I guess, all we could do is pray. Pray for their safety, pray for their souls to be martyred, pray for their sins and our sins to be forgiven.

All I can see is that they did no harm but they are victims of a world where selfishness and greed thrives.

May Allah SWT help them.