A Kind of Discipline

People have always asked me why do I sleep early?

I guess the simplest answer I can give is that it is routine. In fact, it is more of a kind of discipline than routine. Throughout my recent years, I’ve been trying to find a routine that will improve my productivity, alertness, and motivates me to do deep work. Sleeping turns out to be a key part of the equation.

By having a routine, it keeps my mind in check, and ensure that I lead a life of discipline too.

However, sometimes it is hard to follow the routine. Recently, there were many days where I had internal debates of whether to sleep or continue doing work. I wanted to feel accomplished and I felt as if I did not deserve the sleep. However, like today, I believe sleep is still crucial for my productivity and thus, I’d rather sleep than do work late into the night.

If you know me, I’m totally not into unexpectedness and events that I cannot anticipate. It scares me. Thus, if I do not sleep on a specific time and would have to expect sleepiness during the day and that will push back plans planned.

Oh well.


It is Important to have Enthusiasm

In the past few posts, I posted about how unmotivated, exhausted and completely drained creatively I was.

I think I’ve found the answer to the problem; I hadn’t been enthusiastic about my work anymore and let it fall into the trap of routine.

Having a routine can sometimes be good but in this case, it is bad. For creatives or people who depend their minds to constantly come up with new ideas, falling into a routine could make the mind go lazy and stagnant.

I realised this problem when I was talking about intentions with a friend and how important it is to have true intentions in whatever we do. I realised that I no longer have the intention in mind when I’m carrying out my tasks and activities. In the past, whenever I study, I had the intention of getting great grades and to learn. Now, it became something of a routine, seemingly ‘learning’ because I have to.

I guess by always reminding oneself of the intention of the task will prime the brain to be focused on just that one intention. It will allow oneself to control the wandering mind and to completely delve themselves into deep and productive work.


Old Self

I need my old self back, my old motivated, excited and passionate self.

These past few weeks were draining as if my energy is slowly being sucked out of me.

How do I get my old self back?

Is sleep a good start?

Maybe exercise?

Contemplation and meditation?

or just a whole day spent without work?

I don’t know.

But I think I’ll consider the first option, sleep.


Priorities = Time


Recently, I have been complaining about time, the lack of.

But what I realised is that it isn’t because I don’t have enough time to do the things I need, want or expected of me but it is because I didn’t prioritise my tasks properly.

I have several responsibilities on my hands right now and I’m constantly juggling between all of them. And because of this, I’m constantly getting confused about dates, times, locations and the like.

Furthermore, it felt as it these tasks were also taking up my studying time which later on eats up my sleeping / alone time (which I truly need to stay productive).

Multitasking, that’s it. I have been multitasking, never spending enough time to be in DEEP WORK which is crucial. Thus, causing the problems I’ve stated above.

I didn’t prioritise my tasks properly, always mixing and changing about between tasks whenever they come up. Note to self: not good.

I need to have a keystone task that will keep me grounded and onward towards balance. I think that would be my studies.

In the last semester, I made it a goal to study at least 5 hours a day. It was a mild success (a success, nonetheless). That was my keystone task as anything I do during the day is towards reaching and striving that goal (which kept me focused and neat).

I think I will still keep that goal in mind this semester.

Priorities. Priorities. Priorities.


Precious Sleep

I believe that it has been 4 days since I’ve had a good night’s rest.

Every day since then, I have been tossing and turning in my bed, having vivid dreams (closer to nightmares), and waking up with no apparent reason. Even though I know that I have spent 7-8 hours lying in bed, but I do not feel refreshed and energise.

Furthermore, in the past two days, I have been getting only 6 hours of sleep including today. So far, I only have the occasional yawn which can easily be solved by some caffeine but I know that if this were to continue for a longer period of time, I would suffer the consequences such as a weaker immune system and lack of focus (which I sorely need).

So, I guess, for today, I shall attempt to make the best use of my 6 hours of sleep and probably have a nap tomorrow.

Cheers to all and I hope all of you have an awesome sleep.