You’re Gonna Die

“You’re Gonna Die?” asked my friend as he looked at me with a puzzled face.

“Yeah,” I replied.

He was actually talking about my homepage wallpaper which has the words “You’re gonna die” written clearly on the screen. It was a wallpaper by Gary Vaynerchuk.

That question was brought up multiple times and every single time, it was accompanied with a face of curiosity and confusion.


My homepage wallpaper.


Yes. Yes. A pretty bleak statement. I know. But I guess, I love it. I just love the thought of it, the darkness of that statement, knowing that you’re going to die at any moment. A reminder that you need to put in your best in everything that you do.

Whenever I see that line, every time I look at my phone, it reminds me of the shortness of life, of our own mortality, and that we have to face it one day.

It reminds me to always put in my best in everything that I do and to remember that that might be the last time that I’ll be doing it. Because, who knows how long we’ll live.

I love the bleakness of the message, succinct and clean. A tight slap to my face for it is true and the only definite fact that we will have in our lives. No fluff, no nothing. Just the truth.

I guess this kind of motivation doesn’t suit everyone but it does help me. Hope that answers your question.


What does it mean to modernise?

In this age of technological advancement and progress, we may call it the modernisation of the human era from small villages to large metropolitan cities.

However, what does it truly mean to modernise?

What is modernisation if one only progress in technology but regress in our culture and society?

What does it mean to have high-tech equipment lying around if our souls are going back to the age of the cavemen?

What is the point of modernisation at all if we, as humans, do not progress in our spirituality and mental health?

Wouldn’t we just be intelligent cavemen? Could we even be called intelligent if our societies are in tatters but the only thing we’re good at is technology?



I just think technology is amazing.

I am super grateful that I am living in an age whereby creators are able to create freely without any of the barriers set in place by gatekeepers like big corporations and governments.

Now, we are able to plan, shoot and upload almost instantly and I truly believe that it opens the mind of the creator to so many more possibilities.

However, this does not mean we can create nonsense and the unspoken rule of creating meaningful work should still be upheld.

Create. Take advantage of the technology we have. Create. Share.


Reliability of the Media, Questioned

The United States Presidential Election brought up a very important concern of the reliability of the media.

Without a doubt, the media, both mass and social, played a huge role in the spreading of information to the public.

But it begs the question of how much of that information can be trusted?

Now, here’s the painful truth: it is hard to trust the media.

In one way or another, the media will have a political slant, especially in election seasons.

So, what can we do now?

Boycott mass media? Hold the media accountable?

But now, who should ensure that that happens? I mean, the election clearly shows that people voted based off of emotions, thus, it would not be wise to let the public decide.

So, what now?

I don’t know and I doubt anyone does.

The free press is supposed to bring reliable information to the public. It also allows the press to act as a watchdog for the government in the event that politicians abused their powers.

But now, we are facing another problem.

Who checks on the watchdog to ensure that it does its job of providing reliable information?

Who checks the press in the event that they abused their powers?


A Tragedy, or so I thought.


Today was bad. My phone died on me. It short-circuited or something and just wouldn’t switch on.

And if you had experienced this before, you know how bad it felt, like a blow to your face.

Technology is like an extension of myself. Contacts, information and entertainment at my fingertips, and without a doubt, in the future, it might be worse.

It made think about how we start to grow dependent on technology from places to eat to basic everyday facts. Though, maybe that is a good thing. Technology removes the burden of knowing to them, allowing us to be free to think creatively, to ponder about thinks that we otherwise wouldn’t. We become more human in that case, to be creative. Instead of being the encyclopaediae, we become the curator – compiling and digesting information to find the meaning behind them.

Maybe, technology is good after all. Hmm… A thing to ponder about.