I’m Humbled.

I’m humbled by the fact that there were so many people that recognised me with certain traits that I do or by a certain style of my posts, be it on whatever social media platform that I’m on.

I’m humbled by the fact that people actually gave attention to some of the work I did, e.g. vlogs, photographs and the like.

I’m humbled by the way people are sometimes willing to open themselves up to one another, even though they do not know the person they’re talking to that well.

I’m humbled by the fact that things happen and we’re at the mercy of fate.

I just feel sometimes, incidents happen, or life just happens, and it reminds us of how powerless and weak we are. That sometimes, our work can go unnoticed but during a few rare occasions, they were.

It reminds me of what my intentions are for putting my work out there, not for the recognition (only), but to improve my creative side and my craft.

There’s so much more wonderful memories to be made and so much more work to be done.

I can do this!


No Permission Needed

I am obsessed with Casey Neistat’s vlogs so when he said that he’ll be stopping them, I was crushed. His daily vlogs were daily doses of inspiration for me, motivating me to live the hustle life and to always put in the work.

So, I began to watch his interviews with people, his advice on life and success, and something he said resonated with me. It is that we no longer need the permission to create.

We no longer need the permission from other people to create.

Through his videos and vlogs, you can see him actualising that statement. He will do anything to get the shot, to film first and apologise later, to do the things that he set his mind to.

I suggest that you watch his interviews to truly appreciate the genius that is Casey Neistat.

I am definitely going to miss his vlogs but his decision to quit because it no longer brings any creative benefit to him is something that I totally admire and respect.

Season of Examinations

It is the season of examinations. Well, maybe not for the younger students, but for the students sitting for their A Level examinations and undergrads sitting for their Finals.

During this period, many would already be hustling in full drive mode from the early morning till late at night. Some even go to the extent of having overnight study sessions till daybreak. Even though I feel that sometimes such methods that they adopt are insane, I admire the drive in their souls to score well and push past the pain of sleep-deprivation. I wanted to go to one actually but being a person who needs sleep to function, I decided against it.

As we go through this constant hustling and painful hard work, I’d just like to drop a reminder for you and for me so that we can remember why we’re doing all of this in the first place.

Why are we studying? Why do we even go to a university? Why bother?


Each of us has our own reasons to go to a university. For most, it is to get an education, for some, it is to please our parents and society, and for a small handful, it is to chase knowledge. But collectively, it is to have a chance of a better future.

But here’s the thing about wanting something better. We have to work for it. I’m sure all of you have heard of a variation or two of the phrase, “Success doesn’t come easy,” and it is so true.

Especially in a world that we live in today where competition is everywhere, success becomes a mountain peak that is steadily becoming harder to climb to, but does this mean that it is impossible for us to achieve it? No.

Studying is a way for us to achieve that success that we want. The pains of the late night study sessions, the struggle of trying to understand concepts and the futile attempts of maintaining a work-life balance, are all part of that process.

But all of that would feel easier if our intentions are true.

We shouldn’t put the burden of someone else’s dreams or opinions on our shoulders. That is something that is truly unsustainable.

I believe that one should put themselves first, by putting our dreams first, that, I think is a way to live a fulfilling life.

An Outlet for Creativity

I bought a GoPro today.

GoPro HERO 5 Black and so far, I am very much amazed by its capabilities!

I bought this camera because it opens up a huge area for me to practise my creativity, in terms of photography and videography.

I have been using one SLR camera for about 5 years now and since I’ve started using it much more frequently, it became a hassle to capture fast-paced events which called for the need to buy a GoPro.

Honestly, I am really excited to use it and I can’t wait to see what amazing shots I can get!