The Fall of Aleppo

I just can’t. Honestly, my heart slowly breaks apart into a million pieces as I watch these videos. I’m distraught, waking up to such terrible news, to such a massacre that we have allowed to happen on this beautiful planet.

There was a time when I thought humanity could pull through this, could finally make a difference but I guess, it was a time that has long passed.

People die every single day but it seems that some deaths are more meaningless than others. These people do not deserve to die, these people do not deserve to be exterminated in a way that is worse than animals.

But unfortunately, we can’t do anything, can we?

As we sit here in the comfort of our homes and as those trapped civilians huddle together in a basement somewhere, the politicians are laughing, smiling and celebrating. I’m sure they’re happy with what they have done. A massacre, an extermination.

Let’s put aside petty differences such as ideologies, race, religion and language and look into their eyes and know that they are human just like us. If you cannot empathise with them on that basis, I don’t know what will.

I guess, all we could do is pray. Pray for their safety, pray for their souls to be martyred, pray for their sins and our sins to be forgiven.

All I can see is that they did no harm but they are victims of a world where selfishness and greed thrives.

May Allah SWT help them.


There are many things going on around the world.

And it seems that normal people like us can’t do anything about it.

Or can we?

I honestly think that the least we could do is to bring awareness to everyone about the pains and struggle the oppressed are going through.

We need to talk about it.

We need to stop the ignorance surrounding it.

We need to educate people on it.

It needs to end here, now.

Children should Dream

When we were just little kids, we dream of big things. We dream of what we want to be, what we want to achieve, how we want the world to be.

We hope… a lot.

We hope for the world to be a better place, for the wars to stop, even though we might not have the capacity to understand the cause of it because I believe, deep inside, deep within all children is an intense desire for peace and happiness all around.

Have you ever seen a child smile, how beautiful and sweet their smiles are? They smile as if the world is in complete peace, complete stability. They smile as if the sun is shining bright with the cool breeze blowing against their skin. They smile because I believe that within them, they are made of flowers and rainbows.

Children are fragile and when they are exposed to war, they are broken forever. They may not understand the reasons behind the war but when that bomb hits, the flowers and rainbows within them disappear. They are prematurely exposed to the harsh reality of the adult world.

Omran, the child in that viral photograph who was sitting in that ambulance after being rescued by a paramedic, who knows what was going on in his mind, the immense amount of shock that he might have felt, the pain buzzing and the loud ringing in his ears…

He might not have thought of anything at all, but when I saw that photograph, I know that he doesn’t deserve it, no children do.

Honestly, all I can do, all I believe we can do is to provide monetary if not, social support by raising awareness and talking about it. Do not treat the war as invisible, do not treat any other conflict as invisible for the innocents need our voice to speak.

Every single day, the wars, the conflicts are in my mind. I think about them from time to time, giving a little prayer ever so often, hoping, wishing that it will all soon come to an end.

I hope that humanity will learn from its mistakes, really. Enough lives have been lost.

Children should be allowed to dream, to hope, to aspire. They should be allowed to have big dreams, to have ambitions.

I pray for the safety of everyone in Syria, in Palestine, the safety of all refugees and all those that are in need of assistance. May the conflicts end swiftly.

Peace Paradox

We will never find peace if we seek it.

Every single day, we hear the news of War in the world, the news of freedom fighters, rebels, soldiers on the ground fighting traitors, dictators, terrorists. They fight for peace, love, safety and security.

However, every single day, we wait for the news that never comes: The end of the wars and the arrival of peace.

Where then did we go wrong in our search for peace?

Is ‘searching’ for peace the wrong way to go about it or is there another way?

Should we even attempt to seek peace?

Maybe we are giving too much attention to these despots, criminals and vile creatures. Maybe we are actually feeding them the fuel they need to thrive, attention. Maybe we should instead ignore them and move on with our daily lives… but…

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke

So… now, I do not know what we can do for if we do something, mindless deaths will continue and if we don’t, evil will triumph.

I would love to hear your thoughts, please.

Start Talking

We need to start talking about the difficult topics. Topics such as death, war, terror, racism and politics. We need to start discussing, debating, questioning. We can no longer afford solitude and peace. We can no longer afford to keep quiet.

With all that is happening all over the world, it is about time that we raise awareness, it is about time that we let our leaders know what we want, it is about time that we let our actions speak.

No more can we afford to see innocent people die, no more can we afford to see the law favour the rich and powerful, no more can we be treated as cattle.

Information is out there, it is no longer edited and curated for you. Now, we have the power to decide for ourselves, to think for ourselves and to differentiate what is right from wrong.

I do not condone violence nor terror for those are the things that we need to solve, however, I do want justice. Justice for the oppressed, justice for the weak, justice for the underprivileged.

We can begin this by talking.

Unjustified Deaths

Every single day,

we wake up and hear what people have to say,

about the news of unjustified deaths,

the cruel way how those lives had left.


Every single day,

we hear about the tragedies,

the ruthless killings,

the suicide bombings,

the terror that runs in our streets.


Every single day,

we talk about it,

we share it,

we protest because of it.


But every single day,

like every other day,

all of it will fall on deaf ears,

leaders saying that all is going to be okay.


But we know it is never going to be okay,

until they put truth in what they have to say.


The Loss of zeldaxlove64

Innocents die every single day as a result of our actions. Many lives were lost in the countless tragedies that were caused by mankind. Innocent civilians die in Syria, Palestine, and the Rakhine State. Innocent, young lives were lost in the US due to the countless shooting tragedies that happened there. Many futures destroyed and countless grieved. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no end.

I have always envisioned death to be a lovely thing, a passage to the afterlife through a beautiful death with family and friends huddled together around a deathbed of the dying. I have also always envisioned the dying to have lived a long and fulfilling life and finally, after achieving everything that they can on Earth decided that it is about time to go to the afterlife to see God. Unfortunately, for the countless people out there, the end is not so beautiful.

I believe that death comes for everybody. Death comes for the young and the old, it comes for people of all races and occupations and it comes for everything that is alive. However, to me, the death of a young one is especially tragic.

Recently, Christina Grimmie also known as zeldaxlove64 was murdered when she was brutally shot during the meet & greet session at one of her concerts. A young woman with the voice of an angel gone just like that. Don’t get me wrong, her death is one of the many innocent people that die every single day and her death is no different that the deaths of innocent civilians in Syria. However, the incident to me was pretty much the last straw.


Because her death was a tragedy that could have been avoided. It was a tragedy that should never have happened. Hell… It is a tragedy that we should not be discussing right now because the point has already been made countless times through the shootings that occurred before. E.g. Sandy Hook Elementary.

Unfortunately, we are still talking about it right now and maybe long into the future and while we talk, many others would suffer the same fate.

I cannot comprehend this.

“Every soul shall taste death.”

But the death of innocents in such gruesome ways should never have been allowed to happen let alone even have the slightest probability to happen and this does not only apply to gun violence in the US but also to the relentless drone bombings in the Middle East, the slaughter of civilians by ISIS, and the death of hundreds of Rohingya in Myanmar.

It is unfortunate that many are and will be victims of the bigoted leaders where decisions are made based on their favour in the pretence that it is for the benefit of the country and without the slightest thought of human life that will be lost.

Gun violence, for example, is a clear example of that. With the countless tragedies that happened especially one of the most gruesome, the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, one might think that that would have been a good enough reason to ban guns. Unfortunately, common sense did not seem to be part of the software of the elites. With the gun lobby having strong political influence, it has become hard to see progress.

Furthermore, the selfish acts of world leaders have made me lose hope in the world. The death of innocent civilians at the hands of President Bashar Al-Assad and the support he receives from President Vladimir Putin, the support of Aung San Suu Kyi to oust the Rohingya from their homes and the up and coming (most likely) President of the US, Donald Trump are great examples.

I personally grief the deaths of all the innocent civilians every single day especially those young ones who had died not knowing why.

I personally feel pain when I heard about the murder of Christina Grimmie because I have watched her grow up on Youtube. Furthermore, we were of similar age, she died at the age of 22 and this year, I am 21. I watched her videos back when I was in secondary school, listening to her amazing covers on repeat. I watched her develop from just a singer on Youtube to a singer that does tours all around. Even though I have never met her, I was still able to connect with her through the power of the Internet. Her death was unexpected, to say the least. She had so much going for her but unfortunately, that was taken away. To me, it just goes to show that anything can happen, even death at the most unlikely of places.

However, I am angry, angry because things could have happened differently if leaders actually took the hard stance against gun violence and stop making stupid decisions based on money and power. Actually, if only leaders do what is right, what is morally right, there wouldn’t be any more of such tragedies.

Because doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

Now, the only thing I can do is pray, pray for the safety of everybody innocent and trapped in conflicts, pray for the safety of humanity and pray for people to finally move against leaders that are corrupted.

Christina was one of the many innocent lives that were lost and one of the many examples that to me prove that the world is almost beyond help.