I’m currently having this wild idea of becoming a journalist.

“Wild? Why do you say that?” said some random voice in my mind.

Well, I know I love to write, or blogging to be more precise. I also love to take photographs and tell stories about things I see, hear and observe but to be a journalist, you have to be good. You have to be something more than just an amateur blogger on the internet.

I mean, so far, that seems to be the path that I’m on, the path to becoming an amateur creator. Not a scientist, not an engineer, but a creator. A person who is passionate about contextualising ideas and developing it into something concrete, a product of some sort.

Anyway, I just can’t help but wonder about the skills I have or lack thereof. I mean, there are many others that are just super talented and by comparing myself to them, I’m sorely lagging behind.

I am learning and definitely during the summer holidays, I will hone my skills.

Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.


Write what you want

I know… I know..

The instant dopamine rush the moment you see the likes pile up in your notifications can be very satisfying but that shouldn’t be the reason you write.

I have always strived to write whatever I want in my blog posts and the moment I steer off course, my writing would become cold and horrible. I believe in the past, there are a few examples of that (some digging is needed).

Write what you want, not what you think your readers want and when you start to write something that you are not interested in just for the likes, people can smell that crap from miles away.

Be yourself, I guess, is an awesome advice. Well, people do give that advice especially if you want to ask someone out. Maybe, there is some substance in that and thus, I guess, it applies to writing too.

Make sure that topic that you write about fascinates you and therefore, channel that fascination into your writing. Convince the readers why the topic that you are writing about it so fascinating and naturally, the likes will come!

So, write! Write about the things that you love, the things that interest you and the things that make you, you!

The Bridge to our Dreams


Let me confess something. I love to daydream.

I love to daydream about my future, the opportunities I will receive, the successes that I will achieve, the life that I will lead.

I love to daydream about the girl who will be my wife, the children that I will have, the home that I will build.

I love to daydream about the happiness that I will have, the love that I will share, the blessed life ahead.

I love to daydream about all of that but that’s where I stop. I pull myself back into reality, grasping, and pulling, every inch of my muscle working hard trying to prevent chaos from happening.

I understood the circumstances that will come, the cost that has to be paid when I let myself out for too long, where the soul might never return.

Even though I love to daydream, reality is still the reality.

Daydream is a path bridging the worlds of reality and dreams but one has to remain grounded and understand that the only way to successfully cross that bridge is through their hard work and determination in reality.

I understood that and I will continue to persevere so that I can cross that bridge one day.

I Blog, Do You?

I’m not sure if you guys noticed but I blog every single day.

I blog not because of the fame, the fortune (there is almost none except for an exceptional few) or for the attention but I blog because primarily, I want to immortalise the thoughts, ideas and experiences that I have while I’m hurtling through this thing called life.

Every single day, our brains form new connections between the nerve fibres that give rise to new ideas and eureka moments but most of the time, we forget about those realisations that come as quickly as the fleeting wind. Therefore I blog, as an attempt to rebel against that trend.

Over the months that I’ve blogged, it has become somewhat of an escapism, a way for me to fully express myself without the fear of standing in front of a large crowd nor the fear of experiencing critical judgements from the people around me. Blogging has been a way for me to share what it is like to be me.

For those of you that have followed me, I’m sure you’ve noticed (if not that is okay) that I write a lot about life, death and self-development thus, I might be mistaken for one of those gimmicky life coaches that sell fake advice for cash. I assure you that I am not. All the things that I’ve blogged about are things that went through my mind, things that I’ve come to a realisation, and things that I’ve learnt from my experiences as I’m hurtling through life and thanks to the power of blogging, I can share that with all of you IN REAL TIME! 🙂

I believe that I will continue blogging as long as there’s still life in me. It would be wonderful to look back when I’m in my 70s to revisit the journey that I’ve experienced and the emotions and thoughts that run through the mind of my 20-year-old self.

To my followers (about 40+ of you), thank you so much for your kind words and comments. I really do appreciate every single one of them.



Lost in a Story

I am lost in a story, entranced by the scene that unfolds before me. Amazed by the writer’s ability to capture a piece of my soul and place it in the world that they had created.

I was lost in a book, a story, a fictional life of a fictional character, captivated by its peaks and able to relate with its lows.

The book was ‘The Lie Tree’ by Frances Hardinge.

As I type this, I am in the last chapter of this book which clinched the Costa Book of the Year for the year 2015, I can see why.

A part of me felt as if it was trapped inside the book, looking down on the characters as their lives unfold, judging and questioning their every action and consideration.

A good book is when you lose the track of time when reading — when time doesn’t matter anymore — and all you want is to continue reading.

And, that was a good book.