I write…

Oh my. I want to write so bad, I could feel my mind ticking for every moment that passes.

My fingers itched to slam down my thoughts onto that keyboard, to hear the beautiful clicking and tapping of the keys.

I couldn’t wait to share with the world, my ideas, my inspiration and my eureka moments. I. just. could. not. wait.

Therefore, as if I have an idea that could change the current paradigm of the world, I began to type.

But who am I kidding?

I ain’t Charles Darwin with years of knowledge, scientific research and adventures to back up his theory.

I ain’t Plato with philosophical ideas and stories that could wreck havoc in the minds of 20-year-olds today.

I ain’t George R.R. Martin with a creative mind that can build worlds that beautify the minds of readers.

I’m just a blogger, a passionate wannabe writer, a creative-in-progress.

Why would anyone want to listen to my ideas, my thoughts, my perspective for I have no credentials nor a reputable reputation?

I guess, I just love the feeling of typing, of sharing, of clearing my mind of the daily baggage of ideas and creativity. It does not matter if no one reads it. It truly doesn’t matter.

I write because ultimately, it is for the past me, the current me and the future me.

Maybe one day I’ll be good enough move up a level, to step out of the blogosphere and into real writing. Maybe.

Once we’re sad…

can we then begin to appreciate the emotion of happiness.

What is happiness without sadness?

I believe that one has to understand and recognise sadness as much as they want to feel happiness for they come hand in hand.

By tasting the saltiness of a tear, the feeling of wet cheeks, the uncontrolled trembling, can one begin to appreciate the adrenaline rush of a smile, the warmth of a laugh, the elation of the heart.



Conquer Life?

I have always wanted to reach the level of intellect and talent of those college students who can ace both their examinations and activities outside class.

They seem to have everything figured out, from when to study to when they party.

And I’m here, still trying to get myself settled.

As a whole, University is fun for me. I mean, I am able to try out so many new things and meet so many wonderful people but sometimes, what you envisioned it to be, doesn’t happen.

For instance, I envisioned myself to be like one of those college students who has everything figured out, unfortunately, I may be living in a fantasy. I didn’t do well for my tests and even though it might be too early to say it, it might be a sign of my weak capabilities as a student.

I don’t know.

I guess I shouldn’t stress myself about it now and to just focus on the hustle. I mean, University is easy compared to real life. Real life is hard and if I cannot conquer University, what makes me think that I can conquer life?





Take the good, leave the bad

Staunch perseverance.

Every single day, we receive criticisms from people at work, school, your friends and even from your loved ones.

Sometimes, those criticisms could be harsh, painful and plain disrespectful.

Some might even attempt to attack and crush your self-confidence.

But should we allow such criticisms to affect us?


Because, listen here,

They do not have control over your life, you do.

You decide how you want to run your life,

And deciding which criticisms to take is one of it.

Whatever criticisms that are thrown at you, take the good and leave out the bad.

Always be focused on improving yourself and those criticisms are a way for you to develop and grow.


Tears down His Cheeks

He hugged her with tears streaming down his cheeks. He felt like a child around her, his tears wetting her shirt.

“Hey,” she whispered softly into his ear.

“I love you,” he mumbled between sobs. “I’ve always loved you and I’ve been missing you ever since you’ve died.”

“I love you too,” she said as she caressed his cheeks and wiped his tears away. “I’m glad, I’m really glad that you didn’t regret meeting me even though I’ve caused you so much pain all these years. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I will never regret meeting you, all those memories that we’ve shared together were the happiest moments of my life and I would not trade them for anything.”

“My dear?” he said.


“I just want to say that I’m thankful, thankful that I was able to be part of your life and you, a part of mine. All these years, you have constantly been on my mind, and every night, I’ve been dreaming of touching the warmth of your skin and feeling the coolness of your breath. I’ve missed your cute laughter, your wide smile and the way your eyes lit up when you see food. I’ve missed the way that we can talk about nothing for hours and laugh at each others’ horrible jokes. Most of all, I’ve missed the little quirks that make you, you. I’ve missed you, my love, and I’m glad that I have this chance to say all of that to you.

I will love you, no matter what.”


Taking things for granted

Don’t take things for granted.

Especially your loved ones.

No one here lives forever, not even your family and friends.

One day, they might be there smiling and laughing with you,

And the next hour,

They might be lying cold on their beds.

Do you know why we experience so much pain when a loved one dies?

Because their existence becomes a memory,

A thing of the past.

They are no longer tangible.

We are unable to hear their voices, feel the heat from their skin, or receive the warmth of their love.

All of that becomes a memory,

And memories can be forgotten.

We are so afraid that we would lose all of that,

We are afraid that we would forget about them,

And how people might forget about us when we die.


Do you know who your grandparents are from 5 generations ago?

What about your great-grandparents?


It is precisely something like that that we are really afraid of.

Living a life that would just be forgotten.

Just like how memories can be forgotten.


Living Long is Boring

Everywhere you look there will always be an advertisement featuring a product that claims would make you look younger, fresher, healthier. There is also a rising trend in people getting botox on their faces or going under the knife just to make themselves look youthful. However, this trend of ‘youthification’ of society is not only happening in the cosmetics sector but also in the research community.

I’m taking a module in university about the ‘Mysteries of Ageing’. It is more of a seminar rather. We talk and discuss the factors that affect ageing and the ways scientists could tackle it. However, throughout the lessons, I came to question, why would anyone want to live longer and how much longer?

Let us take this scenario for example. Imagine one day, you are told that you are blessed with the gift of living till the age of 200. Assuming that your health remains the same as of now, what would you do with all that time? Keep in mind that life still goes on as per normal. You would still need to pay the bills and probably work.

Would you party your life away? Travel around the world? Read all the books in the world? Gather as much knowledge about the cultures and languages all over the world? How would you spend all of that time?

When will it start to get boring and repetitive?

Personally, I would not want to live till 200 or even till 150 because it quickly gets boring. It is not possible for one to travel throughout those 200 years or party or read books. It will get mundane and repetitive over time.

Sometimes less is more.

By living a shorter life, one is able to cherish the moments better. Each moment that happened in your life is a larger percentage when you live until the age of 80 compared to living until the age of 200. Each moment would be so much more meaningful.

Furthermore, I believe that this world is not able to entertain and pleasure us forever. It is a world with limits and I guess, once I’m done with my time here, it would be best to move on instead of living longer than I have to.