Life Is Counted in Memories Not Years

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Life Is Counted In Memories Not Years

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The title was taken from an engraving on a gravestone when I went to visit the cemetery recently.

“Life is counted in memories not years” is a wonderful quote and I completely agree with it.

Sometimes we forget that the memories that we form from our experiences in life are much more important than the number of years that we have lived so far.

Imagine waking up as an 80-year-old with cracking bones and sore muscles thinking about whether you have truly lived life. You tried to recall all the experiences and memories that you had when you were younger but realised that it did not amount to much. You began to realise that most of the years that you have lived are empty years without any wonderful memories. Those empty years are instead filled with routine work and so much procrastination, chasing after something material that never lasts. You feel deep regret because you know that you should have used your younger years better by experiencing and exploring life. Now, when you finally realised that living a long time does not matter, it is already too late.

I have always found value in memories over many other things and when I saw that engraving on that gravestone, it brought me new found motivation to learn and explore the world as much as I can. I have this ultimate dream that when it is time for me to die, I would want to be on my deathbed with a wealth of beautiful memories that I can tell my children and grandchildren and pass knowing that I have truly lived life.